Sex Wash

Having hot sex in the shower is just one way to spice up your sex life. The hot, steamy water, the slipperiness of the soaped up hands and bodies gliding all over one another, what’s not to love? Then rinsing it all off after so you’re not a sticky mess. Sex in the shower has a lot going for it. I love to masturbate in the shower with the shower massager as many women do, and lots of guys rub one out in the shower as well, the shower just seems like a natural place to have sex in.

I had sex in the shower last week with my boyfriend, we both enjoy starting off our day under a hot shower and then having some hot sex and good, intense orgasms while we are at it. Soaping one another up and rubbing our hands over one another, it doesn’t take long for cocks and nipples to become hardened under those circumstances. Bending over and getting fucked from behind while feeling that hot water course over you is a wonderful sensation.

Shower sex is always pretty much a hot quickie, since there’s only so much hot water, so it’s not like you can be in there for an hour or something with limitless hot water. It’s a very invigorating way to get clean and get your heart pumping and start off the day with some tingling genitals after that orgasm, it will keep you filled with the naughty memory for the whole day. If it’s been a while since you and your partner indulged, make plans to do so, also be mindful of slipping, it can indeed get dangerous. Placing an old towel on the floor of the shower first is one way to prevent falling. You don’t want to slip and hit your head or break a glass shower door and get cut.

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