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Creampie Sex

I remember the first time I had sex without a condom. I was always careful, but I’d simply forgotten to go to the drugstore and I was with my boyfriend at the time who I was just crazy about and … Continue reading

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Cum Bath

I was with someone I didn’t know that well recently, it was more than a one night stand, but quite casual and only a few times. This guy was really into shooting his cum all over me. Facials, all over … Continue reading

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My Cuckold Boyfriend

I really like the guy I’m seeing, but sadly his dick is not as big as I’d like, and he’s well aware of this, he said most relationships he’s been in have been of the cuckold variety, so he expected … Continue reading

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Shoot Your Load On My Tits

I love getting my tits splattered with cum. It’s one of my favorite things. I quite love cum anywhere, but on my tits where I can scoop it off and lick it up drives me wild. My guy is a … Continue reading

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Cover Me In Cum

My boyfriend loves to cover me in cum. I like to feel it inside of me the best, but getting covered in it is fun as well. We were fucking last night doggy style and he asked if he could … Continue reading

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