Open Wide, Darling

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves oral sex. Most guys are not going to be turning down a blow job. He knows I love to give them to him just as much as he loves getting them. He likes to stand at the edge of the bed and I’m laying down on the bed and he just eases the head of his cock into my mouth and I gently start to suck and to slurp on it. I taste the pre cum that’s flowing out of the head of his dick and smack my lips at the sweet taste of it. He even likes to sample that himself at times.

I wiggle my tongue on the tip, teasing him, and making him beg for it, and I love to take the entire length of him down my throat. He’s around seven inches, so a bit larger than average yes, but certainly not big enough to gag me or make me feel like it’s too much to take. He usually grasps my hair in his fist and breathes really heavy and fast as he gets more and more aroused as it progresses. Sometimes he reaches down and plays with my pussy as I suck him, but honestly that distracts me, I’d rather wait until he’s cum and then I can concentrate on my own orgasm.

He loves to make me cum with his tongue as well, tasting my sweet wetness as it flows out of my juicy cunt. At times he’s dipped his fingers in my cunt to take some of the juices on his fingers and then smear them on the head of his cock for me to then taste myself on. I like that, it’s really hot when he does that. Tasting one another gives us a lot of pleasure to be sure.

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