Watching The Tenant

I have kind of a naughty habit, I spy on my tenant. He’s a good looking guy and I like him, that’s why when he moved in I gave him the unit next to mine, since there’s a tiny hole bored into his bedroom wall that is in the back of my closet. You can’t really see it from the side he’s on, but I’ve gone in and watched him many times. He masturbates a lot and I have while watching him and have cum at the same time he has. Of course he has no idea I do this.

Last night he must have been really horny, since he came three times and I watched him the entire time. I know how he likes to be touched, how tenderly and softly, then harder and faster as he approaches his orgasm. If only he had any idea how I watched him, he’d likely be creeped out and move I’m sure, but I just can;t stop watching him. Sometimes his girlfriend comes over and I’ve watched them fucking. I think he’d be quite good in bed, he is from what I’ve seen in any case. I want to fuck him and wonder if there’s any chance of that, I doubt it.

He likes to fuck in lots of different positions and of course he likes to have his cock sucked. I think since I’ve watched him so many times, I’d know just what he wanted and be able to please him in bed pretty well. Maybe one of these nights when he’s alone and horny I will go over and ask if he’d like to come to my place for a drink and see if that ups my chances. You never know, stranger things have happened.

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