Being Groped in The Park

My ass has always attracted attention. I do like to dress to show it off as well, as it’s one of my better assets, so once in a while a man will simply not be able to control himself when my ass walks by him. This is what happened this past weekend when I went to an event in a local park. Now I don’t think anyone has the right to grabbing a stranger, but it does happen, and I can’t say I usually mind it.

The latest one that couldn’t keep his hands to himself was actually a lucky incident. I whirled around to slap him, but as soon as I saw how cute he was, the slap turned into a wagging finger and a mock admonishment. He apologized and then asked me out. I couldn’t say no to such a cute and apparently friendly groper. There was a coffee shop nearby, and we went in there for a while. I was instantly attracted to him, groper or not.

I seldom ever do things like this, but he said he lived around the corner, and would I like to come up for a drink? Well we all know what that really means, it means do you want to fuck? I did. I went with him, and as soon as we got in the door, we were tearing one another’s clothes off and soon fucking on his sofa. I couldn’t stop myself. Some guys looks just appeal to me so much, common sense goes out the window. This was one of those times. I was soon pinned down underneath him, my wrists being held by his hands and I couldn’t move as he parted my legs and ripped my panties off and was soon fucking me hard and telling me how much he loved my pussy. I was a true slut, and sucked my pussy juices off of his cock after we fucked. All this from him slapping my ass in a park. I need to go to parks more often.

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