Spanking the Client

One of my clients that is very much into spanking calls asked if I ever did real time sessions, and I said yes. So we arranged for him to come and see me for a blistering spanking. He arrived and as I expected, he was a meek, mild, submissive type. I smirked when I saw him thinking how perfectly he fit the type. I ordered him in and after a few moments of small talk, I commanded him to pull down his pants and lay across my lap. I had the paddle at the ready beside me.

I pulled my arm back and swung at him repeatedly, him howling with each and every smack upon his now red bottom. I laughed as I struck him, as hard as I could, each and every blow punishing him. I of course could feel him getting hard underneath me and mocked him for it, telling him I hope he didn’t expect me to masturbate him or some such nonsense. He turned beet red with embarrassment at the thought of it and pulled up his pants, hard cock awkwardly tucked into them and he paid me and slunk out the door. I was laughing heartily as he did.

The next time he called on the phone for a virtual spanking session, he couldn’t get the images of our real times session out of his mind and he’d been masturbating like a fiend at the idea of doing it again, so we set something up for the next week and I knew he’d be expecting even more smacks with the paddle at this up and coming session, so I told him the cost would be higher. I look forward to both punishing him and taking his money. He’s such a worm. It’s fun to take advantage of worms.

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