Casual Sex With The Caterer

Recently I threw a fancy party and I had caterers do all the cooking and the serving. One of them was a very handsome guy, and I thought with his looks and the fact that he could cook, he likely had his choice of women offering themselves to him. After the party everyone had left except him, and I wondered why he stayed so late, and then he came up behind me and told me he’d been trying to find a moment alone with me all evening, but it had been so hectic in the kitchen there was no way until the night was over he knew he’d get a chance to be alone with me.

He came up behind me, pushing me into the counter and nuzzling my neck. Yes, he was a virtual stranger to me, but he was so good looking and I found him very appealing, I did not fight him in any way. He soon lifted me up on the counter and I wrapped my legs around him as he continued to kiss me. My panties were soon peeled off and sitting on the kitchen floor. I could see the bulge in his pants, and even though I’m not one for casual sex, I knew I was not going to say no to this sexy man before me.

He unzipped himself and all of a sudden was balls deep in my shaved pussy, pumping in and out of me as I clawed at his broad shoulders to draw him deeper inside of me. Our tongues danced together as we fucked and he pounded me, and I was so turned on. His sex skills were obviously good enough to rival his cooking skills. He had a cock that knew just how to touch my pussy, and it didn’t take long until I felt myself cresting the orgasmic wave he was creating inside of me and of course he then shot his load into me and I could feel every squirt. I never guessed the end of this night would end with me getting fucked on my own kitchen counter by one of the caterers, but it was quite the sexy ending to a wonderful party. I do hope we see each other again soon.

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