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Spanking the Client

One of my clients that is very much into spanking calls asked if I ever did real time sessions, and I said yes. So we arranged for him to come and see me for a blistering spanking. He arrived and … Continue reading

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Let Me Be Your Whore

My new boyfriend is quite into domination and he likes to tie me up. I’ve had guys tie me to the bed post before, but this one trusses me up like a turkey and then some. There’s no escaping the … Continue reading

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Tie Me Up, Lover

I’ve always been a bit submissive, but after watching a few BDSM porn movies, I decided I wanted to try out some light bondage. My boyfriend was all for it, he’s been pushing me to be a bit more wild … Continue reading

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Follow Your Orders

One of my callers is convinced he’d love to come see me and be my real life slave, to serve me any way I’d wish for him to. While the idea is appealing in one regard, on the other hand … Continue reading

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Not everyone is either dominant or submissive, some people are called a “Switch”. Meaning they can go either way, they can be the dominant partner or the submissive one. It can depend on their mood, or it can depend on … Continue reading

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