A Christmas To Remember

Well, it’s Christmas morning, and last night shortly after midnight, so technically Christmas, my boyfriend had imbibed a bit too much eggnog and was feeling rather jolly shall we say. He disappeared for a few moments and reappeared with a giant bow wrapped around his chest and presented himself to me as my present. I was laughing and rolling my eyes, but he’s sexy and sweet and was certainly in the holiday spirit. I pulled off the bow and he came towards me and laid down on top of me and kissed me passionately.

I was always hot for him, so it didn’t take too many kisses for things to get heated. The bow he had wrapped around his chest, he soon cut it in half and had my hands tied to the bedposts with it. I was now getting very hot. I love being tied or restrained, he can tease me for hours before letting me cum. He went down to my pussy and began to lick just the outsides of my pussy lips, avoiding my clit until I was squirming and twisting trying to get his tongue closer to my cunt. Finally he relented and licked at my little clit that was standing at attention, driving me wild.

He spread open my pussy lips totally exposing it and he blew on it, the air tickled me, and then he began sucking on it like a little cock and I was bucking my hips up to him and I was just oozing pussy juice all over his face. Finally he started licking faster and faster and I came in a gush, drenching him. I was still throbbing when he climbed on top of me and was fucking that spasming pussy. By the time he was about to cum, I had another orgasm, and then that triggered him. It was a Christmas to remember.

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