Ohh, Santa!

I was at a Christmas party this weekend and had a much better time than I imagined I would. Why’s that, you ask? Well I fucked Santa! Well, the man that had been hired to play Santa at least! This home I went to was done up beautifully, the couple hosting the party has a lot of money and they had the waiters dressed as elves, the man playing Santa, they had even rented some reindeer that were on the front lawn hooked up to a sleigh, it was all quite elaborate.

The man playing Santa was a very flirty, friendly type, and as the party wound down, he was on his way out and I made a joke, and he came over to me and asked if I’d go home with him for a drink, how could I say no to Santa? I followed him in my car, he didn’t live far, and we went inside and had some spiked eggnog, it was very good, and then he asked me if I’d been a good girl or a bad girl this years, I laughed and said the year wasn’t over, I wanted my chance to be bad yet, he liked that answer.

I got on his bed and he started to peel my clothes off of me and I lay there in my pretty red Christmas lingerie and he started taking off his Santa suit and I was delighted to see what a big cock he had. I reached over and began to stroke it in my hand and get it all hard, then I moved my lips down to it and began to lick and suck it and soon he had me flipped over and was fucking me from behind. I had a wonderful orgasm from his big cock and he soon shot his load into me. We chatted for a while and then I left for home. I’m not sure we will ever see each other again, but it was a fun time, and I can now say I’ve fucked Santa!

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