First Orgasm of the New Year

Something happened last night and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It shouldn’t have happened, yet I’m not sorry that it did. I was at this really crowded event in an outdoor square, the people were literally shoulder to shoulder, you could barely move. I was wearing a short dress and around fifteen minutes to midnight I all of a sudden felt a hand creep up the back of my thigh, over my ass and into my panties. I turned my head around, but there were lots of people around me and I honestly had no clue whose hand it was.

What was I supposed to yell out, “Whoever has their hand in pussy, please remove it?” I shifted to try and get away, but we were crammed in their so tightly, I couldn’t get away. I could feel these probing fingers toying with my clit from behind, I was getting wet against my own wishes, but the human body will respond even if you do not want it to at times. I was breathing heavy and all I could do was feel this finger stroking my clit over and over, dipping into my pussy to get wet from my juices and drag them over my clit again.

As it was getting closer to midnight, they began to rub faster and faster and I could feel my orgasm approaching, and at the stroke of twelve, I cried out and after a few more rubs as I was working through my orgasm, the hand was taken away and then almost as quickly the crowd dispersed. I never did see or know who groped me and masturbated me at the outdoor celebration. It’s frustrating. I guess I will never know. I did cum, no doubt about it, but from who, I will never know.

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