Foot Tease

Some guys are very much sexually aroused by feet and foot jobs. The man I’m seeing now cannot get enough of my perfectly pedicured feet gliding all over his cock and balls. I get as many foot massages as I’d like simply for stroking his cock with my feet and toes. I don’t mind in the slightest. It doesn’t do anything for me of course, but the unlimited foot massages are well worth it to me. He loves to kiss, caress and fondle my feet admiring them. There’s far worse things a guy could be into. They can worship my feet any day and I’m fine with it.

Does the thought of pretty feet teasing your cock and balls get your dick all hard? I’m thinking it must, or you wouldn’t be here reading this in the first place. The sole of my foot is the most sensitive spot. Imagine that caressing the dripping head of your hard cock, you’d be ready to bust a nut after only a few short seconds of that kind of touching I’d wager. I could circle my big toe over the head, smearing the precum all over it like lube, driving you crazy.

He likes me to wear stockings once in a while as well when I tease him with my feet. The different sensation the nylons provide is nice for a foot job change of pace, so to speak. Sexy shoes can of course make the feet look even better, but he’s not always in the mood for me mincing around in high heels. Bare feet honestly seem to arouse him more than me wearing any sexy pair of shoes does. Smooth, lovely feet, all over that dripping cock and squishing those balls with my toes as they fill up with cum. Makes you want to squirt that load all over those tender tootsies, doesn’t it?

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The Long Weekend Away

I went away this past weekend. I’d had enough of the snow and the cold. I went down South and had three wild days and nights that has revived me for what I expect will be the rest of the winter. I went looking for fun and I found it. The hotel I went to was nothing but singles looking for fun and boy, was there a lot to be had! The first night I was there, there was a barbecue on the beach and I met lots of good looking and fit guys. Most had come with a buddy or two.

I really liked this one guy and his friend, so we spent several hours together over dinner and drinks. As the night wore on I honestly could not decide between the two and I told them just this. I found them both attractive and sexy and I wanted them both. They looked at one another and then back at me and said they had no objections if I wanted to have a threesome with them. I was totally up for it. I started by jerking them both off at the same time as they next to one another on my king sized bed. Things were off to a good start.

I then worked my mouth down and they both got a blow job from me as well, alternating who’s cock was in my mouth, then I got on top of one and rode one while I sucked the other and then they switched. Fun and debauchery was had by all. I loved fucking and pleasing the both of them. I must say, I did not get a lot of sleep that weekend, but I sure got a lot of cock! I made several friends down there. Not sure if we will ever see one another again, but it will be one fond memory, that’s for sure.

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Playing With My Nipples

My nipples are very sensitive. I used to play with them when I was little even before I began playing with my pussy. I remember my nipples getting hard as I did so and I always enjoyed the sensation and was often admonished at home for doing so. Nice girls did not do such things. Well that just meant I just did it in secret. When I began to see and play with boys, many times when they went down on me I’d be stimulating my own nipples to heighten the sensations. I loved the feeling of my nipples being played with at the same time as my pussy.

I soon learned to places my lovers hands on them when he was busy licking and sucking me so he could rub his thumbs against them and I could just lay back and relax and enjoy the sensations. One of my boyfriends even bought me a nipple pump thing and I’ve used it so many times as I masturbated. I got one of those clit sucking vibes recently and you can also fit the tip of it to the nipple and it is extremely pleasurable to use before or during masturbation.

My current boyfriend is very into tits and loves to suck on them for the longest time. He can even make me orgasm from sucking on them alone, without even touching my pussy. I love the way it feels when his warm, wet tongue glides over one of my hardened nipples as his finger teases my clit, it’s sheer heaven to be pleased this way to me. I love having them sucked on while we fuck as well. It makes my pussy so much wetter to have them being played with. I just go crazy. I bet you’d like to play with my titties too, wouldn’t you? Are you a breast man? Why don’t you give one of our sexy ladies a call and talk all about their tits.

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The Faulty Lock

Recently I got locked in a walk in closet with one of my roommates. The lock had been acting weird and it gave out entirely. We knew our other roommate would be home in around an hour and he could let us out, but we had a good hour to kill in the meantime, and things got a little steamy in the closet. We chit chatted and made small talk. He hadn’t been the new roommate long, so we didn’t know one another that well. We have very different schedules and busy lives. I needed help with a box that was too heavy for me to lift and he said he’d be happy to help, but the door shut behind him, locking us in.

There was no way out but to wait, but there was ample room and light, so we just talked. Then the conversation moved to boyfriends and girlfriends and sex and soon I was getting horny. He really was a nice looking guy, and he had a good sized bulge in his pants as well. I was curious. He saw me looking and he said he was pretty big. He asked if I wanted to see and of course I said yes. So he began to masturbate in front of me and I soon joined in. We kissed and touched and both came.

The roommate soon let us out, he knew we were home since our cars were both in the driveway, but he couldn’t find us. He soon heard us talking in the closet and opened the door. Good thing he hadn’t opened it fifteen minutes before when we were both masturbating and kissing. I’m not sure if it’s a wise idea to be sexually involved with a roommate, there’s a lot of room for error there. I will just see how it goes, but that big dick, I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to feel it inside of me.

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Making Him Comfortable

Recently my boyfriend hurt his back while working, and the only comfortable sexual position was with him on his back. I don’t mind riding him, but the one on top is the one doing all work. He’s a good man though, so I do not mind at all. I have even gotten myself some sexy lingerie since he’s looking up at me as I ride him. I love to grind my clit on his cock and have him play with my tits. His cock is rather large, and with me riding him, I can more easily control how much goes inside of me.

I got these hot crotchless panties so I can keep the lingerie on comfortably as we fuck. I love when he holds open my pussy lips, spreading them fully, exposing my clit so when I rock back and forth on him my clit gets the full rub of his cock against it. I also love him licking my pussy when I straddle his face. It makes my clit stick out more when I sit on his face than when I’m on my back, especially when we are in the sixty nine position and I love to take his big dick down my throat as he caresses my sweet, dripping pussy with his talented tongue.

We’ve been experimenting more with riding reverse cowgirl as well, which lets me play with his balls, and sometimes he spanks me in that position as well. His back should be better in a few months, so until then we will just have to make due with me being the one on top, whether for oral or intercourse. He’s not complaining and we have had some wonderful sexy nights. I gave him a tit fuck the other night and he loved it. My warm, voluminous tits wrapped around his hard shaft and me bouncing them up and down until I had his cum dripping down my chin. We will manage with this temporary situation just fine.

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