Cum Bath

I was with someone I didn’t know that well recently, it was more than a one night stand, but quite casual and only a few times. This guy was really into shooting his cum all over me. Facials, all over my tits, in my mouth, he even liked to lick his own cum. I’ve actually never been with anyone so into cum play than this guy. It was ok, but I could not deal with that on a full time basis. I think he was so enthralled with his own loads, I was merely an accessory to his cum play, someone else to shoot his load on other than himself.

I don’t mind it on my tits, but my hair and face not so much. I think he even said he was on some kind of supplements to increase his sperm loads, which sort of confused me. Why? For who’s benefit? He seemed to think women all want a guy to squirt like a firehose. We don’t, most of us just think it’s a mess ad are glad our own bodies do not spit out such stuff when we orgasm. So that weekend I had quite the fill of cum. I did swallow when I gave him a blow job, and it was quite the mouthful.

He kept asking if other guys I’d been with came as much as he did. He was in some kind of contest in his own mind, comparing himself to men he’d never even met and their sperm loads. It was a little odd, but hey, whatever turns you on. He slathered me down well several times over that cum filled weekend, and we showered together rinsing it off. I was impressed in one way, speechless in another. Sometimes a weekend with someone is more than enough time.

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My Boyfriend The Beta Male

My boyfriend is a total beta male, and as such, he’s become a cuckold. He’s got a good looking face, makes a good living, but his dick is too small, he’s a premature ejaculator and I told him the only way I’d stay with him was is I had other lovers on the side and he loved the idea. He likes to serve in general, he paints my toenails, shaves my pussy for me, he likes to do anything I tell him to do. I wasn’t so sure he’d tow the line when I told him he was going to be my cuckold clean up boy, but he fell in line and did as he was told.

I loved getting fucked in front of him, I even put on a bit of a show and moaned a bit louder, moved around a bit more dramatically, it is always fun to do things in front of an audience for me, and this was no exception. I was genuinely turned on as well. The fuck buddy I brought over had a nine inch cock, nearly three times the size of my boyfriend’s, and I adored how he stretched me open. I hadn’t fucked him since before I met my boyfriend, and it’s amazing how one can forget how good something feels once they aren’t getting it anymore.

My boyfriend looked on in awe, stroking his undersized little pecker as I was getting filled and pounded with my friends dick, it didn’t take too many strokes before I actually came. After my friend left, he buried his face between my legs and started licking, I was soon cumming again from his skillful tongue on my clit. I grabbed his hair and just gushed his face into my cunt and he soon had a face like a glazed donut, it was coated in my juices and I loved it. We will be doing this again, I can promise you that.

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Sexy Scissoring

I’ve played with girls many times in my life from the time I was quite young, but never tried scissoring until recently, it just seemed like it would be awkward, the positioning, to actually achieve orgasm. Fingers, oral, toys, all those I’ve tried, but this lady I played with recently asked me if I’d ever tried scissoring and I said no and told her why and she giggled and said she could teach me how to do it and we’d both have a fantastic time. I was eager to try and learn, so we did it.

I must say, yes, it was a bit awkward for the first little while, but once we got in synch, it all fit together beautifully and we were able to cum. I particularly enjoyed spreading open my cunt lips to expose my stiff clit and when she did the same our clits were directly rubbing on each other’s. They are so sensitive and I really enjoyed this. We were both wet and used lube as well, and the slight rocking motion was enough to drive us both over the edge fairly quickly from those little clits grinding against one another.

After we rested a bit after that first orgasm, we went down on each other and tasted one another. I loved going down on another woman, that musky scent, that juicy wetness all over my face, sucking her little clit between my lips. I made her cum several times and she returned the favor, but the cunt scissoring was a new experience for me and one I enjoyed. It requires more than a bit of coordination and really being in synch with one another’s movements, but it can be done and I do hope we get to repeat it again soon and enjoy it again.

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Be a Considerate Guy

One thing that always makes my man happy is a blow job. A guy once told me to give a guy a blow job is like to give a lady flowers, always unexpected and most welcome, and it will bring a smile to their face. Some men are overly obsessed with blow jobs, some I swear would be perfectly happy never to have intercourse again and just receive a never ending stream of blow jobs. The rare caller will mention they don’t do much for them and they cannot even cum from them, but that is the minority, most guys love them and are happy to get as many as possible.

Obviously it goes without saying, if you want them or more of them, by all means be clean, you cannot be clean enough. No woman wants sweaty ball stink in her face or got forbid the odor of pee. If possible, go wash your junk right before this happens if you cannot get into a shower. Ask a lady if she’d like you shave. Yes, it’s your right not to shave or trim, but it’s also her right to say “no thanks” to your hairy beast of a crotch. Be considerate and ask, some women don’t mind a jungle, but some ant everything shaved, the same as most men, they have their preferences, be sure and check them if you want any action.

Do not assume the lady wants to swallow, ask, ask everything you can so there are no surprises. Some women will just not go out with you again unless things go well, they don’t need the drama of some dude and his dick. Yes, such conversations can be awkward, but having no conversation can lead to disasters and hurt feelings when things do not go as hoped.

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Gimme That Big, Nigger Dick

Black callers like to talk about the number of white women they have bagged and say what whore’s they are in comparison to black women. I hear that all the time. One called the other day claiming to have a fifteen inch cock, uh huh. Oh well, there’s plenty of size queens out there that would be more than willing to sample a hung, BBC of that size, or at least try their best.

What some people are not aware of is some white women who would otherwise be ashamed to take a black lover, is they at times go on vacation alone to places like the Caribbean and take a black lover for the length of their trip, there’s many men in these resort areas that are essentially gigolos to these women, and the women give them cash, pay for them to get their rent paid, car fixed, what have you, in exchange for them having sexual companionship during their trip, away from the prying and judgmental eyes of their friends and loved ones.

No one is going to know what or who they are doing when they are away out of the country for some number of days and they go back with their dirty, naughty secret, that had BBC every night, and likely morning and afternoon as well, and no one is any the wiser about it. Some of them may be older, fatter, less attractive to white North American males and they may be lacking for a husband or boyfriend at home, but when they go away for a week, they will be assured they will have their pick of young bucks to pick from, as long as they are footing the bill for the young lad. It’s an odd fact, yet very true, sexual tourism isn’t only for men.

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