Taught By The MILF

Although I mostly do phone sex for work, I do actually have accreditation for a teacher, so a few days a month I get called in to be a substitute teacher. I do love the hot, young guys in high school I get to come into contact with. I’m also apt to get away with it, since I’m in and out, not there day after day raising suspicions. There was this hot young man last month. I taught his class for a day and I slipped him my email address. That night he sent me an email that was pretty hot, asking if I’d like some young dick. Needless to say, I said yes.

He came by my house later that night and I sucked his young cock until I was rewarded with that young cum. He was hard again in moments. I pushed him on his back on my bed and stripped him down and was soon riding that young cock and getting filled with his teen shaft. My tits were in his face and he was sucking on the nipples, alternating his attentions between them. I was bucking back and forth against his cock, rubbing my clit against it. My pussy was dripping wet. There’s nothing that gets me as hot as teen dick, and he was really stretching me out with his young dick.

I reached down and exposed my clit even more, holding open my pussy lips, he could see my swollen clit. It drove me crazy to know this teenaged boy was underneath me, fucking me for all his worth. A woman double his age or more. He came into my pussy as soon as I started cumming. I love triggering their orgasms that way. Next week I will likely get called into another school and will just have to see the sorts of young men available to me. I’m sure there will be some yummy specimen.

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My Neighbor Saw Me Masturbate

I had never planned for my neighbor to see me masturbating, but I guess when one chooses to do it outside in broad daylight, that could happen. My neighbors were on vacation though, and they were the only ones that faced my deck. I assumed no one would be able to see me. How could there when the only ones that would be able to see were away? Little did I know the wife got sick and they came home a day early. So I was out in my backyard, soaking in my outdoor hot tub and masturbating, with the water jets, standing up, all kinds of different positions was I enjoying myself in.

Then as I was getting out after cumming, I saw the window blind move. I knew I’d been watched. I had this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Later that night I noticed a window blind open and the husband openly masturbating, as if he was hoping I’d see him, and I did. My light was off, so he didn’t know I was watching him. It was kind of odd to see. I didn’t really have any interest in him, yet he began to do this and I saw on several occasions.

I started to turn my light on and do the same and we would take turns masturbating for one another in the window like this, yet when we’d see one another outside while in the driveway coming or going, not a word would be said about it. People do odd things, especially if they don’t have anyone in their life or if the one they do have in their life isn’t satisfying them. Masturbation can be a wonderful release. Sometimes neighbors can perform for one another in the oddest ways. It’s still going on.

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Groped in Times Square

Against my better judgment, a friend convinced me to go to Times Square in New York City last night for New Year’s Eve. I’m not a fan of crowds, and it was packed as expected. We’d been in New York over the holidays after Christmas to see a few Broadway shows and decided at the last minute to do the Tomes Square bit before coming home the next day. A few minutes to midnight, I felt my skirt being lifted from behind and someone putting their hands into my panties from behind. There were so many people pressed in around us, I honestly didn’t know who it was.

I looked over my shoulder and no one met my gaze, or had a knowing smile. I tried to move away from them, but it was so crowded, there wasn’t a prayer of moving away. I felt trapped and there was nothing I could do. The noise was deafening of the crowd, so screaming would have done and accomplished nothing. So I just stood there, being fingered by some anonymous person. I could feel their fingers teasing my pussy from behind. I felt myself growing wet. They were not hurting me or being rough, but this was still against my will.

My clit was being massaged from behind and the wetness was flowing freely now. I even slightly parted my legs and leaned forward a bit to give them a bit better access. They continued to rhythmically stroke me, a bit faster now, back and forth and I was breathing heavier. I knew I was going to cum. The countdown had begun on the big clock. Damned if they didn’t make me cum and scream out at the stroke of twelve. It was bizarre and surreal, and there was no way to stop it. The crowds started to disperse right after midnight, and I never did see whoever had been fingering me from behind. I didn’t tell my friend about it, it was just one of those weird things.

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The Office Christmas Party

Many people that have ever worked in an office know that things can often get a bit out of hand at an office Christmas party. The booze is flowing, inhibitions are down. Working in a large office where you get to mingle with people that work on different floors you seldom see can make things even more interesting. I’ve worked in large corporate offices like that and the holiday parties could get pretty wild. I sometimes tell callers about the naughty things that happened at those parties. I do love to drink, and am always happy to indulge in booze, especially if it’s on someone else’s dime, so a Christmas party is a perfect place to over indulge.

One year this guy that worked on the floor above me and I were both half in the bag drunk and took off for one of the conference rooms that had a nice, comfy sofa against the one wall and we were making out like crazy. Things soon got even more intimate and I was riding his cock. He was fondling my breasts and his cock was buried in my pussy all the way up to the balls. I was trying to think if I’d locked the door behind us, since I didn’t want anyone barging in and seeing us playing in the office this way.

We never did get interrupted though, so we were able to fuck for a good while before we left. I was just grinding my clit against the base of his cock and getting so sloppy wet. Being half drunk always makes me get incredibly wet. His cock was just making these wet, squishy noises as I rose and fell on his dick and I was in sheer ecstasy as I finally came. It takes a bit longer to cum when alcohol is involved, it works that way for women as well as men, but I was able to get there, and what a fun time it was.

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Let Me Help, Uncle Larry

My uncle Larry doesn’t come to visit us that often, but when he does, sometimes he gets naughty. He said the last time he had this rash that needed some cream applied to it, but because his back was bad, he couldn’t bend or flex enough to apply it himself, and would I be so kind as to help him put it on his lower back? Of course I said yes, and soon he had me massaging his buttocks and then he turned around towards me and he had a huge hard on. He grinned sheepishly and asked if I could help him with that as well?

I couldn’t let my mom know about it of course, but I agreed to help him. He sat back down on the edge of his bed and I reached down and started to hold and rub his cock. It was so big and hard, I could barely get my hand around it, but he said it felt so good, please don’t stop. I kept rubbing it and soon there was clear fluid at the tip of his cock and he told me to smooth it up and down his shaft, which I did.

He started to breathe even faster and more deeply as I touched him, and he instructed me to grip him even harder and more firmly and stroke him more quickly. I could see his balls tightening up as they filled with his cum and I knew he was about to blow any second as I touched him, my horny uncle. My mom wouldn’t like me giving her brother a hand job, I knew that, so it would be our little secret. All of a sudden he groaned and shot his load. It ran down the back of my hand and I grabbed some Kleenex to mop it up. He then said he was tired and wanted to sleep. I crept back into my room and thought what a bad girl I was.

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