Summer School

There’s a lot more teachers and students getting it on these days for sure, but it’s nothing new. I recall taking a summer school class when I was in high school and really having a thing for the teacher. He wasn’t a teacher at my regular high school, and summer classes were held at a different school than my regular one and comprised of students from all over the county. He was good looking and not geeky at all and as soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted to fuck him. Since summer school sessions are a lot shorter than the full school year, I felt I might get a chance.

I knew I’d likely never see him again after this class was over in a few weeks, and I let him know I was open to the idea. On the second day of classes, I didn’t wear any panties and I flashed him, since I was sitting in the first row. He looked momentarily shocked and then he actually blushed. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but I sure did. I stayed after class and told him I found him very appealing and if he felt the same, I’d be open to more after school.

He asked me to stay after class a few days later and he gave me his address and I met him there later. We got right down to it when I arrived. He was already hard when he answered the door and I quickly stripped down and we were kissing and fucking all afternoon and into the early evening. His cock was big and he knew how to use it. I loved sucking on it and he filled my pussy up very well. He was afraid we’d get found out, but I went out of my way to be careful and didn’t tell a soul. We carried on the rest of the time summer school was on and fucked a few times a week. I never did see him after it ended, but it sure made for some hot summer nights and made that summer school session go by a lot faster with that to look forward to.

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Lolicon Fetish Phone Sex

One thing some callers like is what is knows as lolicon. Like Lolita, as in young… Now the pic here is a computer generated image, no one was harmed, no laws were broken, it’s not real, it’s simulated. For ones into this fetish it’s really the only safe avenue. There are now also some sex dolls that cater to this fetish that look young. Some find this all quite horrifying and controversial, but better computer generated images and toys than real girls, wouldn’t you agree? Some callers have these desires they need to talk about. Ones in their lives would not understand or approve, so they often call phone sex girls to reveal their deepest, darkest fantasies.

Some would think even talking about such things is wrong, but many phone sex ladies understand that talking about such fantasies can many times be enough to quell them. Others worry it would fire them up to actually go and do such things. I personally think it quells the desire to be able to share it. Many do not even like young people in real life and do not enjoy being around them, it’s strictly a fantasy. Some know enough not to cross that line. We are here to listen, not to judge.

If these sorts of fantasies are what gets you going, feel free to call any of our phone sex ladies to confess your fantasies. Sometimes certain thoughts can just become overwhelming and you want to talk about them. Perhaps seeing something struck something within you and you can’t stop thinking about it. You know people in your real life would not understand, so it’s easier to reach out to a stranger and tell them about it. Trust us, we’ve heard it all before, so if this is your kink, we are here for you, only a phone call away.

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Turning Gay in The Cul de Sac

Like many confession calls, one recent call was about a young man’s first homosexual experience. He told me this neighbor of his that’s nearly double his age invited him over to watch a sports event on t.v., seemed relatively normal. Then the older man, asked if he’d like a massage. As soon as he said that, it became clear where the call was headed. The massage soon turned to roaming hands and his first blow job by another man. He’d had girlfriends before, but had never had another man go down on him. The neighbor then asked for the same in kind.

He did so at first out of obligation, but said his cock quickly grew hard once more by having the older man’s cock in his mouth and he started to stroke it while he gave his first blow job. He’s met with this neighbor a few times now, even getting fucked the last time up the ass, which he’d never had done before. Now the neighbor wants to have a threesome. Apparently he has another guy that he plays with and he wants them all to play together in a few days. He said while he was getting fucked, the neighbor asked him if he’d like to suck a dick at the same time and he said yes.

So he’s been asked to call back after the little threesome meeting that’s to be set up in a few days. He will tell me how it all played out, what they all did together and if he’s going to want to do it again. The neighbor already sent him pics of the other guy’s cock. He’d met this other man, but had not seen his dick. He said he’s got a bigger dick than the neighbor, so he’s looking forward to this new adventure.

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A Girl’s Best Friend

This caller was telling me how he had to go out of town and he left his girlfriend to look after his dog while he was out of town and what she didn’t know was he has security cameras all over his house that feed a live stream when he wants to check on things when he’s out of the house. He said he was shocked and delighted to see how things went for his girlfriend and the dog in his absence. He said he was occasionally checking on the house and her when he saw the camera in bedroom.

He saw her laid on the bed after a shower and the dog came up to her, laying naked on the bed, and gave her a lick between the legs and at first she shooed him away, but then she let it happen and the dog brought her to orgasm. She of course had no idea she was being watched on a security camera and he was so turned on by it he was masturbating the entire time. He said when he returned he told her about what he saw and she was so embarrassed she was beside herself and he said not to worry, that it had turned him on as well.

So now she and the dog and he were having regular fun together and he loves watching her get licked and fucked by the dog. He said the first time he helped guide the dogs dick into her he was practically cumming in his pants he was so excited. He felt so dirty and naughty, and yet more aroused than he’d ever been in his entire life. He said he will never tell anyone or anything, that it’s their own forbidden little secret, which of course he’d now also shared with me, but I’m not in his real life, day to day, he doesn’t look me in the eye, so he can confess to me without issue.

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I Was His Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend and I had seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movies recently and he asked me if I’d be willing to allow him to tie me up that way and see if I liked it. I agreed to, as I’d liked the movies and thought they were sexy, so I had no issues with him doing that to me. I trusted him and thought it might be fun. Sometimes callers say they have the desire to tie their women up, but the women are not always accommodating to their wishes, so some have never had the chance to do so.

He got this rope at the hardware store and we went to the bedroom and he tied me up. I was tied very well, I honestly couldn’t move. His dad had been a sailor and he’d shown him all these sailor knots, so I knew I was not getting out of it even if I struggled. He had not asked me however about tease and denial, which he evidently had in mind when he did this to me, but I did not mind, other than being every frustrated! He got me on the bed, trussed up like a turkey though I was, and he began to touch my pussy, then he turned on a vibe and was teasing me with that. I thought he was going to let me cum, but he did not. I was squirming as much as I could and he knew I was on the brink of orgasm.

He prolonged this for ages, it seemed like hours, until he finally let me cum. Talk about blue balls, I had blue pussy lips, I’m sure! He was grinning at the things he was doing to me, begging him to let me cum. He finally did and then untied me. I then thought the next time we played tie me up, tie me down, he’d be the one tied to the bed and begging me to let him cum! I will be merciless with him when it’s my turn.

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