Cuckold Rubs His Dicklet

I love my hubby, but his dick size is just not good enough to please. He knows this, but all along he’s thought his oral skills, which are great by the way, but he thought them adequate to keep me satisfied. I told him it would be for the good of our marriage if I took a lover, or else I’d need to reconsider the relationship entirely. I told him I had someone in mind already and I was having him over in a few hours. He looked shocked, but resigned. My date arrived and after we all had dinner, we all went into the bedroom.

I told hubby to sit in a chair at the end of the bed and my friend and I got on the bed and began to makeout and get undressed. I loved the size of his cock, and I could see hubby’s eyes bulging out of his head almost as he took in what was surely a nine incher my friend was sporting. My friend laid on his back and I mounted him. He guided his throbbing, erect cock into my dripping, waiting cunt. It had been years since I’d been properly filled. I’d only had my husband’s nub in me, which I could barely feel.

I sank down on it and gasped at its size. I’d gotten so tight from barely having a cock in me, it felt wonderful to finally get stretched out again, and I wasted no time in riding him hard. I was bucking and grinding and moaning an incredible amount. I looked over my shoulder at hubby, and he was stroking his nub in his hand. He was practically panting at the live sex show his wife was giving him in front of him. I soon came, as did my lover and hubby squirted his two drops of cum as usual. This was certainly the best sex I’d had in many years. My lover left, and hubby licked up his leavings. Yes, I think this little arrangement will work out just fine.

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Daddy’s Hard Cock

My first lover was daddy. He was a gentle and patient teacher for me. He didn’t want some adolescent fumbler ruining what should be a special, once in a lifetime experience for me. He knew that if he showed me the way, it would be perfect, and it was. We had so much fun together for years. It’s been hard to find a boyfriend that could ever live up to daddy. He loved to go down on me and lick my pussy. He even shaved me so I didn’t have to. He loved to groom me and keep my pussy nice.

He taught me how to suck cock and pleasure him, and once I was all nice and wet, he fucked me. It hurt the first time, but he was gentle and went slow and every time after hurt a little less until finally it felt good. Once it started feeling good, I wanted to fuck daddy every single day, and we usually did. I’ve been with a few boys after, and none can hold a candle to my daddy. I couldn’t tell them that of course, since they wouldn’t understand. I try and think it’s daddy when any of my boyfriends fuck me.

I still go home on school breaks and have fun with daddy, we both look forward to my visits. I love how he calls me his good girl as we have our lovemaking sessions, it makes me feel so special to please him this way, and daddy certainly pleases me, that’s for sure! Every girl would be lucky to have a daddy that loves them as much as mine loves me and treats them as well as I get treated. It makes me feel so loved. He makes his little girl cum so well, it’s just sheer heaven to love my daddy in such a special way.

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Pussy Whipped

There’s a lot of callers into cock and ball torture, but I’ve never run into a lady caller into pussy torture. One sent me an email once that was really bizarre about cutting her clit off, there’s some odd people out there for certain. BDSM attracts people into getting pain with their pleasure. Yes, it’s much more common for men to seek out this kind of treatment, but there are some women into this as well. No doubt some men would enjoy inflicting this kind of pain onto some women. One caller was mad at his neighbor and said he’d like to cut her clit off.

Some like to self torture, like most into cock and ball torture do, others prefer someone else doing the pain inflicting. I personally cannot imagine wanting to be tied up and having someone use a flogger on my pussy, but whatever floats your boat. As long as both parties are consenting to what’s being done, go for it. It’s no one else’s business what you do to yourself. Do you want to be the one holding the flogger and inflicting pain on another person’s privates? Would you like to talk about why you want to do this? Does it get you aroused sexually to do this punishing?

Are you one of the rare women that is into this? We don’t get very many lady callers, but once in a blue moon you do. We try our best to listen to phone sex callers concerns, fantasies, whatever they wish to talk about. Not everyone is calling for phone sex, some just like to talk, seek company. You get all kinds in this business and you just try and help them as you can. Many don’t understand why they like certain things. Pain is familiar to some and there fore arouses them.

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Lesbian Afternoon

My roommate and I are both without boyfriends at the moment, we are young and have high sex drives and masturbation can only take you so far before you really crave the touch of another person. Last week I walked in on my roommate masturbating. She looked mortified, but I told her it was ok, don’t stop on my account. I sat down on the edge of her bed and asked her if I could watch her. She looked very hesitant, but I assured her it was fine, so she continued. It didn’t take her long to finish and we talked about it after.

I asked her if she’d like to see me masturbate as well, and she shyly nodded her head. I undressed and then I did it in front of her. Soon we were masturbating together and enjoying it tremendously. Thing then progressed and we began making out with one another and touching each other and it’s been very hot. I love to lick her nipples when I stroke her pussy, and she certainly seems to enjoy it as well. Her nipples get very hard when I suck on them and they are so sensitive, she says she can nearly cum from them being sucked alone.

Rubbing her pussy is different than rubbing myself, she likes a different touch than I do, so it’s interesting to see what another person likes that is different than from what you do. She gets very wet and slippery, so I dip my fingers into her and they come out soaked with her juices. We haven’t yet engaged in anything other than masturbation and I’m not sure we will, but for right now it’s enjoyable and has given us both a much needed outlet. We’ve been playing nearly every night, it’s a wonderful way to end the day for sure.

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Fucking in the Backyard

Last night my boyfriend and I were feeling a bit naughty, so we fucked outside. It wasn’t even dark yet, and we knew the neighbors might see from their deck if the happened to be outside. We have air conditioning, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel the natural breeze on your body, you know? So I suggested we go outside and have fun there, he was game of course. We went out and he laid back on the chaise lounge and I got on his lap, facing away from him and lowered myself down on his cock.

He eased into me, and my cunt was all slick, so he eased right in easily and sensually. I was working my clit a bit from the front and he was plunging that hard, throbbing cock into me from behind. He grabbed at my breasts and worked my hard nipples with his thumbs. I could feel myself just juicing on his dick, getting it so slippery and wet, right down to his balls. I loved how it felt and he helped ease me up and down with his hands on my hips. I looked over my shoulder to see if any neighbors were outside watching us, but didn’t see anyone. I think their teenaged son has seen us before, he probably was jerking off as he did.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and even though I should have restrained myself and my vocalizations since we could have easily been heard, I didn’t, I just was as loud as I wanted to be. I amusedly thought I wonder who might have heard me cum, but I really didn’t care. I then felt my boyfriend go off inside of me and grunt as he came into my shaved cunt. We soon went back inside, it was pretty hot.

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