Touching Each Other

I was always a horny kid and teen and began masturbating very early. When I achieved my first orgasm, even though I likely should have kept such news to myself, I told my best friend the next day at school I’d learned to fuck myself, lol. It sounds ridiculous, and if I said how young…well I won’t, but it was enlightening. This was decades before the internet, and an innocent time. So the next time she came over after school, you can be sure I wanted to show her so she too could begin to discover such pleasures.

She took my instructions to heart, and soon we were masturbating one another after school on a regular basis for years. We both got boyfriends in time and stopped playing with one another, but it was fun while it lasted. It was interesting to touch another’s pussy and see how it felt in comparison to my own, and to be able to give pleasure to someone else and learn how they liked to be touched. Her clit would get so stiff when I stroked it, and her pussy so wet. She liked to touch mine as well and we always had to be quiet so my parents or hers, depending on whose house we were at, so they wouldn’t hear us or come in and discover us.

I did not want anyone to know that we played like this, she didn’t either, so it was our naughty little secret. I loved when we could have sleep overs and we would play several times during our time together. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to teach another to bring me to orgasm, since she’d learned pretty quickly how I liked to be touched and did a wonderful job. I’ve taught all my boyfriends just how to do it and I like showing them by having them watch me masturbate as well. Learning by watching is always a hot thing to do as well.

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Enjoy The Stroke

Obviously most men are calling phone sex lines to masturbate. They are feeling the need to release a load of cum and know that a sexy lady on the other end of the phone will make it a more enjoyable experience than just watching some porn alone. Men have been stroking their cocks since the dawn of time, there were no telephones then, imagine how lonely masturbation was with no phones to share it with anyone! Sure, some guys likely had a jerk buddy or looked at some dirty pics, but there’s nothing like hearing a woman’s voice to push you over that edge.

You love to stroke as well, don’t you, or you wouldn’t be reading this on a phone sex site. You know the pleasure it can bring to hear someone talk dirty to you, to discuss your fantasies as you rub one out and drive yourself wild. You likely don’t share it with your friends that you call phone sex lines, but they themselves might be enjoying the same guilty pleasures, you just never know. One caller used to tell me he’d discuss certain escorts with his group of friends, as apparently they all used them, but he’d never tell them about his love of phone sex. He felt they’d make fun of him.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of to enjoy your masturbation and sharing it on the phone, but so many people are steeped in shame when it comes to masturbation, and it’s a travesty. If people were more open about it and offered their friends hints on how to make it more enjoyable, such as calling a phone sex lady, they might have more fulfilling orgasms. Go ahead and stroke your cock, don’t feel shame, feel joy. It’s your penis, enjoy it! We are all very pro masturbation, masturbation positive people here, you are among friends!

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A Dip In The Pool

Pool season is now here and I’ve given my new young neighbor something to fantasize about this summer. I got in the pool to skinny dip and I looked up and saw him peeking out the corner of his bedroom window. I saw the curtain move and I knew he was watching me, so I gave him a little bit of a show. I had this chair I dragged into the pool, since it’s nice just to sit in the water on a hot day and I started to bounce around on it and my tits were bobbing up and down and I bet he was beating off like crazy watching me.

I then went over to the side of the pool and put one leg up on the side and was masturbating with the pool jet, I made sure to moan and groan extra loud for him to hear me. I could see his window was open, so I was sure he could hear. I was home alone and no worries of being caught, so I really went to town and was enjoying my first swim of the season. I saw the curtains move again, so I knew he was watching my little show. I knew he couldn’t see much with me in the water, so I got out and moved to the chaise lounge chair.

I spread my legs so they were open towards him and began to stroke my pussy in the sunlight. He’d be able to see everything clearly. I closed my eyes and just imagined him in his room, staring intently at me as he furiously beat off and pumped his young teenage cock. I liked the idea of turning him on so much and teasing him, it was always fun to tease guys. I soon came and went back inside. Maybe in a few days I’d do it again and bring a toy.

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Creampie Sex

I remember the first time I had sex without a condom. I was always careful, but I’d simply forgotten to go to the drugstore and I was with my boyfriend at the time who I was just crazy about and he wanted to fuck me anyway. I said it was risky, I could always get pregnant, but he so wanted to cum inside of me with no birth control. I decided to chance it. It was the hottest sexual encounter I’d ever had until that point. Feeling him slide into me bare was like nothing else. I loved it. I knew I wanted to go on the pill so we could have sex like this all the time. That however did not help the current situation of no condoms.

I loved knowing he was going to explode inside of my bare and possibly fertile pussy. His dick felt so hot inside of me, just throbbing and hot. He really went at my cunt with a vigor he had never done before when his pecker had been covered. I guess it was the thrill of it, the risk that came along with it all. He pumped and pumped and I came and he still didn’t stop. He wanted me to cum several times before he even came once, which I always appreciated, he had excellent control.

I loved feeling my clit tingle and my body throb with each orgasm I had. When I was going to have my final one I told him and as soon as I came, bam, he exploded into me. I felt a torrent of cum go off inside of me like I’d never felt before. My orgasmic contractions just sucked the sperm into my pussy and it felt so wonderful, I just loved it. I loved sex, but this unprotected sex was just so much better than the covered kind. It was a whole level of closeness between the two of us. He pulled out and all this cum came rushing out, it was really sexy and I want more of it.

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Basketball Blow Job

Lots of guys do enjoy sex outdoors, some women do as well in fact. Add that to a public location with an element of risk involved, and that’s a heightened sexually charged situation. The thrill of possibly getting caught is a big turn on for many people. My guy likes to shoot some hoops at the park down the street a couple nights a week after dinner. I don’t mind him going and getting some exercise, it’s not really my thing, but I was feeling horny the other night and had a wicked idea of how to surprise him.

I walked down to the park around a block away and it was deserted, he was just shooting some hoops entertaining himself and I told him I had a naughty idea. I wanted him to jump up, grab the hoop and stay there hanging while I sucked him off. He laughed and asked if I was serious. He has very strong arms, but I didn’t know how long he’d be able to hang by them as I gave him a blow job. His arms would certainly be getting tired. He looked around and saw the park was empty, most kids nowadays didn’t bother with a park, they were too busy with their cell phones and games.

I pulled up my tank top exposing my big, firm tits and he realized I was serious. He jumped until he caught the rim and was swinging there. I pulled down his pants and found him already hard. I took him in my hand, pumped him a few times and then placed the head of his cock in my mouth and went to town. He knew this was kind of going to be a quickie, not only due to the risk of someone walking by, but the fact he was holding his own weight for that length of time, so I was quite forceful in my mouth movements, and knew he’d blow pretty quick. I also knew he hadn’t cum in a few days, so wouldn’t last long once I started. He shuddered and came in my mouth. Then he let go of the basketball hoop and pulled up his pants and we wandered on home with ridiculous smiles on our faces.

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