The Neighbor Watched Me

When I was in my teens, I used to exercise outside. We had a good sized yard and a fence, there was privacy, I was not concerned in the slightest. The neighbor seemed to spend a lot of time outside, but I didn’t pay him much mind, he was quite into gardening. One of the things I used to like to do was skip with my hula hoop and of course skipping made my tits shake and jiggle. I realized one day the neighbor seemed to be outside most of the time when I’d exercise, and I had a feeling he was spying on me.

There was a knot hole in the fence that had popped out years ago, and I came to the conclusion he was staring at me through that hole and likely jerking off. I even saw a bit of a reflection in his window one day of his arm moving, so I think he might have been rubbing one out as he watched my tight, teen body jiggle and exercise. So many pervs around. I couldn’t prove it of course, but I went inside from then on rather than give him some kind of a free show. I didn’t want him jerking off to me.

I have had calls from many callers over the years that admitted to spying on their neighbors doing things, so I know it goes on a lot. Many are looking at neighbors swimming, or suntanning, all kinds of things from peeping in open windows to filming them on their cell phone cameras to jerk off to later. There’s a lot of peeping Tom’s out there. So if you’ve done anything pervy like this and want to confess to someone about it, we phone sex girls have heard it all, you can’t shock us. Why not tell us what naughtiness you’ve been up to, as you get your rocks off, of course.

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Sexual Obsession

One regular caller is quite obsessed with his ex girlfriend, who he hasn’t seen in years, and also her mother. There’s also a neighbor and a totally made up woman as well in his fantasies. He loves to hear all of their names repeated a lot during the call. He claims his penis is small and that’s why the girlfriend left him, and he likes to think she told her mother and neighbor about his tiny dick and they all have a good laugh about it behind his back. The need for humiliation in men with a small penis seems to run very deep.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine any man with a small penis NOT craving humiliation, since all the ones that call do. Surely there’s men out there that would be hurt, insulted, upset if you made fun of their shortcomings to another person and they heard back about it, or if you even laughed at them. The small penis guys will often talk about an incident that happened decades ago that had a big impression on them. Some woman laughed and they have relived that moment thousands of times in their minds. Now they actively seek out new women to laugh that haven’t yet heard of their undersized member.

I tell this man many statements, such as, “She wouldn’t want you, your dick is too small.” “Her mother wouldn’t want you either, even though she’s old, sh could still do better than a tiny dicked loser like you.” “They told the neighbor about your tiny penis and they all have a good laugh about how small it really is.” His craving for these affirmation statements is incredible. Hour after hour of relating how this crowd of women belittles him. Women he hasn’t seen in years, that he was likely not important enough for them to even remember, yet whom he thinks of every single time he masturbates to this day.

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Tiny Dick Loser

Small penis humiliation is quite common for phone sex girls to talk about, it’s one of the top calls. There’s simply a lot of men out there with undersized cocks that are desiring to be made fun of. One called the other night and he didn’t immediately say he had a small cock. He said he was using a sex toy, which is fairly common. Fleshlight’s, pocket pussy’s, they are both used by callers all the time. He said however he wasn’t using one of those, he was using a toy meant for a woman. One of those clit sucking vibes.

I laughed and asked how that was possible. He then said his cock was the size of a clit and then he sent a picture of it. I could then imagine one that tiny easily fitting into the hole at the top of one of the clit sucking vibes. I’d never heard of a man using such a toy before. Perhaps these toy companies could increase their revenue if they also marketed themselves to men with a micro penis, but then I doubt they’d do that, it would just be too embarrassing. Just because some might have a micro penis does not mean their libido is micro, many of them masturbate a few times a day.

Is your little wee wee an object of shame and ridicule? Does it make your little clitty all hard to be made fun of by a pretty lady on the phone that’s laughing at you? Small penis humiliation phone sex is something you likely enjoy, and if you haven’t tried it, you really should. A real life girlfriend will likely hold back if you ask them to make fun of you, but believe me, the phone sex girls will not hold back at all, and they will laugh their asses off at your pitiful, useless appendage.

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Lemme Fuck Those Feet

When a caller asks what size feet I have I know he’s usually going to be into some kind of foot fetish or want a foot job call. I’m only five two, yet have size ten feet, so they usually marvel at such big feet on a shorter lady. This man the other day said those size tens would be more than ample to cover and work his three inch cock, lol. Yes, I suppose they would at that. They are also usually interested in what color polish you have on your toes, no doubt to picture how they would look with their creamy little drops of cum splattered on them.

A foot job to me is a fairly innocent fetish request. Not everyone is into feet, but there’s nothing distasteful or horrific about feet. Many feet are of course very ugly, so I’m not sure who would want a foot job by ugly feet, but like everything else, ugliness is subjective. So what might be ugly to one man, might be delectable to the next. It seems an odd fetish to be honest, I cannot think there’s many women out there wanting a man’s toe to stimulate their pussy, yet there’s countless men seeking a woman’s foot or toes to stimulate their cock.

No one’s going to get pregnant, no sexually transmitted diseases, but you don’t want a foot job from some woman with athletes foot or that has plantar warts! So it’s curious why more people are not into feet, really. Maybe it’s still just too kinky for most out there, but heaven knows there’s a lot of really weird stuff guy’s wish to talk about. Do you fantasize about a woman’s feet and toes curling around your cock? If so, why not call and tell one of us all about it and see just how sexy our feet are, you just might like it.

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He Sucked His Dick

The number of guys calling up that wish to be shamed for being a cocksucker is staggering. So many either have done it in the past, or are doing so presently. Lots of them have smaller than average penises, but many are normal sized and just want to suck dick. Claims of trips to glory holes abound. One caller last night said he found out his girlfriend was sleeping with another man, he knew it had to be because his own cock was so small. He told her he knew, but he wasn’t mad. He knew it was because of his size.

He told her he’d welcome the man into their bedroom to fuck in front of him. Of course this soon led to him sucking off the girlfriends lover. Is it a true story? Doubtful, but if it turns him on, of course you go along and act as if every word is the truth. He said how much larger the guy’s dick was than his, and how he was hesitant to do it at first, but it did not take long to be an acquired taste for him and him asking the girlfriend to bring the other man over more frequently.

He said he felt he’d missed out on years of orally satisfying men, that he wished he’d come to this all sooner. Better late than never. He said the feeling of satisfaction he gets holding the man’s penis in his hand and licking it up one side and down the other and then popping the entire thing into his mouth and tasting its sweet precum. He’s quite in love with giving blow jobs it seems. With his own size issues, it might be better if he did turn to other men to please, since it’s unlikely he’d ever be able to truly satisfy a woman with the tiny dick he’s got.

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