Dancing The Night Away

A local legion hall a few blocks away from where I live has started to have a monthly dance on Saturday nights. I saw some good looking men going in there that walked by my house on the way there and I thought if they looked that good, maybe I should go and check this out, and was I ever glad I did. The music and band was great, there was several good looking guys there and I did dance with a few of them. One however, I did a bit more than dance with.

He lived a block over from me and walked and asked if I’d like to go back t his place for a drink after the dance was over and I agreed. I knew there would be some dancing of the horizontal variety going on if I went with him and I was ok with that. He was a fine dancer and moved like silk across that dance floor, so I wondered if he’d be as good in bed as he was on the dance floor and I was not disappointed. He is a giver and truly finds his pleasure in giving others pleasure and I’m more than happy to take it.

He finds pussy eating an absolute art and he loves to devour a woman until she screams with orgasmic delight, and he did indeed incite that reaction in me. His cock was equally talented, I must say and he exhausted me even more in bed than he did on the dance floor. I will be more than happy to let him lead me around the dance floor or the bedroom now that I’ve seen and sampled his skills. Some truly do find it an art to be skilled in the ways of pleasuring a lady, and I’m glad, since I’m tired of the selfish jerks I’ve been dating, so this one seems like he’s worth my time, and my pussy’s time as well.

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Being Groped in The Park

My ass has always attracted attention. I do like to dress to show it off as well, as it’s one of my better assets, so once in a while a man will simply not be able to control himself when my ass walks by him. This is what happened this past weekend when I went to an event in a local park. Now I don’t think anyone has the right to grabbing a stranger, but it does happen, and I can’t say I usually mind it.

The latest one that couldn’t keep his hands to himself was actually a lucky incident. I whirled around to slap him, but as soon as I saw how cute he was, the slap turned into a wagging finger and a mock admonishment. He apologized and then asked me out. I couldn’t say no to such a cute and apparently friendly groper. There was a coffee shop nearby, and we went in there for a while. I was instantly attracted to him, groper or not.

I seldom ever do things like this, but he said he lived around the corner, and would I like to come up for a drink? Well we all know what that really means, it means do you want to fuck? I did. I went with him, and as soon as we got in the door, we were tearing one another’s clothes off and soon fucking on his sofa. I couldn’t stop myself. Some guys looks just appeal to me so much, common sense goes out the window. This was one of those times. I was soon pinned down underneath him, my wrists being held by his hands and I couldn’t move as he parted my legs and ripped my panties off and was soon fucking me hard and telling me how much he loved my pussy. I was a true slut, and sucked my pussy juices off of his cock after we fucked. All this from him slapping my ass in a park. I need to go to parks more often.

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Open Wide, Darling

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves oral sex. Most guys are not going to be turning down a blow job. He knows I love to give them to him just as much as he loves getting them. He likes to stand at the edge of the bed and I’m laying down on the bed and he just eases the head of his cock into my mouth and I gently start to suck and to slurp on it. I taste the pre cum that’s flowing out of the head of his dick and smack my lips at the sweet taste of it. He even likes to sample that himself at times.

I wiggle my tongue on the tip, teasing him, and making him beg for it, and I love to take the entire length of him down my throat. He’s around seven inches, so a bit larger than average yes, but certainly not big enough to gag me or make me feel like it’s too much to take. He usually grasps my hair in his fist and breathes really heavy and fast as he gets more and more aroused as it progresses. Sometimes he reaches down and plays with my pussy as I suck him, but honestly that distracts me, I’d rather wait until he’s cum and then I can concentrate on my own orgasm.

He loves to make me cum with his tongue as well, tasting my sweet wetness as it flows out of my juicy cunt. At times he’s dipped his fingers in my cunt to take some of the juices on his fingers and then smear them on the head of his cock for me to then taste myself on. I like that, it’s really hot when he does that. Tasting one another gives us a lot of pleasure to be sure.

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Watching The Tenant

I have kind of a naughty habit, I spy on my tenant. He’s a good looking guy and I like him, that’s why when he moved in I gave him the unit next to mine, since there’s a tiny hole bored into his bedroom wall that is in the back of my closet. You can’t really see it from the side he’s on, but I’ve gone in and watched him many times. He masturbates a lot and I have while watching him and have cum at the same time he has. Of course he has no idea I do this.

Last night he must have been really horny, since he came three times and I watched him the entire time. I know how he likes to be touched, how tenderly and softly, then harder and faster as he approaches his orgasm. If only he had any idea how I watched him, he’d likely be creeped out and move I’m sure, but I just can;t stop watching him. Sometimes his girlfriend comes over and I’ve watched them fucking. I think he’d be quite good in bed, he is from what I’ve seen in any case. I want to fuck him and wonder if there’s any chance of that, I doubt it.

He likes to fuck in lots of different positions and of course he likes to have his cock sucked. I think since I’ve watched him so many times, I’d know just what he wanted and be able to please him in bed pretty well. Maybe one of these nights when he’s alone and horny I will go over and ask if he’d like to come to my place for a drink and see if that ups my chances. You never know, stranger things have happened.

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Spanking the Client

One of my clients that is very much into spanking calls asked if I ever did real time sessions, and I said yes. So we arranged for him to come and see me for a blistering spanking. He arrived and as I expected, he was a meek, mild, submissive type. I smirked when I saw him thinking how perfectly he fit the type. I ordered him in and after a few moments of small talk, I commanded him to pull down his pants and lay across my lap. I had the paddle at the ready beside me.

I pulled my arm back and swung at him repeatedly, him howling with each and every smack upon his now red bottom. I laughed as I struck him, as hard as I could, each and every blow punishing him. I of course could feel him getting hard underneath me and mocked him for it, telling him I hope he didn’t expect me to masturbate him or some such nonsense. He turned beet red with embarrassment at the thought of it and pulled up his pants, hard cock awkwardly tucked into them and he paid me and slunk out the door. I was laughing heartily as he did.

The next time he called on the phone for a virtual spanking session, he couldn’t get the images of our real times session out of his mind and he’d been masturbating like a fiend at the idea of doing it again, so we set something up for the next week and I knew he’d be expecting even more smacks with the paddle at this up and coming session, so I told him the cost would be higher. I look forward to both punishing him and taking his money. He’s such a worm. It’s fun to take advantage of worms.

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