Mattress Shopping

I decided to get a new mattress, as my old one was sagging. I arrived at the store not far from closing time, but I did not think it would take long to pick out another that was just a newer version of what I had. I was the last one left in the store other than the salesman. I laid down on a few of them before finding just the right one. I was rolling around and getting into all kinds of positions when he came up beside me, startling me a bit.

I asked if he’d get on the bed with me so I could see how the mattress moved with another person on the bed, so he humored me and we laid there and moved a bit together. I was impressed with it and told him I’d take this one. I laid on my back and he leaned over and kissed me. I know it was odd for a strange salesman I did not know to do such a thing, but it felt right. We began to make out right there on the showroom floor bed. He said he’d locked the door and no one else could get in, so we started fucking right there on the display bed. It was bizarre, but felt right, so I went with it.

I felt his cock against my leg and he soon had me stripped down and himself as well, and he slipped it into me and it felt so good. He wasn’t the biggest I’d ever had but he was good at it. I felt him pushing faster and faster and I knew I was going to cum and I clawed at his back as I did and he soon shot his load into me as well. It was quite the unexpected evening. He even offered to give me twenty percent off the bed, lol.

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He Defiled the Shoes

When I was in college I worked part time in a shoe store. I loved shoes and I knew working there would get me a discount as well as provide me some income for tuition. One day I was working in the stock room and it was a quiet day, not many customers. I was hidden behind some well stocked shelves and another employee came in the room. He thought he was alone since he couldn’t see me. I watched him and was shocked at what he did.

He took a beautiful pair of red suede pumps out of a box and he lifted them to his nose to smell them. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his cock and laid it in the shoe and began to basically fuck the shoe. He was moaning and grunting and furtively ramming this poor shoe into his dick and then he came, took some tissue paper from the box, and wiped most of the cum out, then he put the box back on the shelf. I was kind of speechless. So I started to watch him more closely. He was fondling women’s feet I noticed when he’d put the shoes on them and I’d notice a bulge in his pants. He had a foot fetish. I bet that’s why he was working here, to have as much contact with women’s feet and shoes as possible.

I witnessed him masturbate with several pair of women’s shoes that summer, and some women even bought the shoes he’d cum in and they seemed none the wiser. I’m sure none would ever have thought he was slipping his dick in them and shooting his load into the merchandise. I never said anything, he never did anything to me, but he was kind of an oddball. I knew he needed the job, so I didn’t tell the boss, since he’d have fired him. You sure can find out a lot about a person if you watch them and they do not know they are being watched!

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ABDL Phone Sex

Not everyone is aware of just what ABDL stands for and means. It means adult baby and diaper lovers. Grown people that have a desire to wear diapers and either masturbate in them or wet and mess themselves in them. It’s a bit of a niche fetish, but it has its followers. It’s hard for most people to understand or relate to what makes a grown person that for no medical reason is choosing to wear them and willingly soil themselves. Most would rather die than live with such degradation, but this group is willingly doing it since it turns them on.

It’s often hard to relate to a fetish many would find repulsive and disgusting, as many find this fetish to be. An acquaintance of mine recently shared how a friend of hers was going through a divorce and the husband was into ABDL and this was a primary factor in their break up, she just could not handle such a perversion and was leaving the relationship. Many men keep this fetish a deep, dark secret due to just this thing, they know it will cause their partners to leave them, so they tell no one. It can be difficult keeping such a large secret.

Not all men into ABDL mess in the diapers, some just wet them, others just masturbate in them, there’s a lot of variation in the behaviors surrounding this fetish. If this is a fetish that you yourself indulge in, some of our operators may be able to help you engage in a stimulating conversation about it. Not all operators are comfortable with such a topic, so it’s always best to tell them what kind of a call you are looking for before they charge your card to see if you are a good match for one another.

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Keeping an Eye on My Friend’s Son

My friend is a cautious sort, and even though her son’s in his early twenties and in college, he lives at home and she did not trust him not to throw some wild bash when she had to go out of town on business for a couple of nights recently. So she asked if I’d pop in unexpectedly a few times a day during the days she’d be gone. I had no issue with that, I wouldn’t want wild parties being held in my absence either. So I had my own key and would stop in to make sure nothing was going on that shouldn’t be.

He was actually rather quiet and low key I found, no evidence of any parties going on. I stopped in and surprised the poor guy as he was coming out of the shower and he had a towel wrapped around him and he was so startled to see me, he dropped the towel and was soon standing there in his birthday suit. Things got even more embarrassing when I looked down and saw his cock and he suddenly began to sport an erection. He grabbed his towel and ran to his room.

I softly knocked on his door to apologize in startling him, and he said it was ok to come in. I told him in fact he had a very nice cock and he should be proud of it. He took this as some kind of a sign of interest, since soon he was kissing me and I didn’t stop him. I was soon stroking that nice cock and he undid my blouse and began to suck on my nipples and undress me. We were soon fucking on his bed and I loved the way his young dick felt inside of me. I wouldn’t be sharing this with his mother! We spent the next day in bed pleasing one another and I loved every inch of his hot, young body.

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Romantic Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

Loving, romantic phone sex is often the girlfriend experience kind, and it can be a lot of fun. Do you enjoy ladies on the phone telling you how much they love and desire you and your cock? How sweet it ca be to hear someone say they love you as you stroke your cock for us? Think of it as our hand on your cock, sliding up and down your rock hard shaft. Teasing you and getting you hard to slip that nice hard dick right into our waiting pussy. Wrapping our arms and legs around you, so tightly and intimately. Our nails raking up and down your back and shoulders.

Our hot breath on your neck. Your cock will just be throbbing as we tell you to make love to us and make us cum all over your cock we love so much. Maybe you like to think about a sensual massage that would feel so good after your hard day at work, our hands kneading your tired, aching muscles with sensual oils we’ve warmed in our hands and then lovingly applied all over your body. Then we could have a hot, steamy shower together and then get into a lovely soft bed to romp in.

Your cock, so hard and wanting a pussy so badly, you climb on top and slide into your sexy, willing lady and and she whispers sweet nothings in your ears and you feel her hands grab your ass cheeks and pull you deeper inside and then you pump and pump until she cums, her orgasm triggering yours and you rest in one another’s arms after your passionate session. Girlfriend experience phone sex can indeed be very sexy and fulfilling. The sound of that voice you love so much always gets a rise out of those pants of yours. Call one of us tonight.

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