The Healing Touch

It’s no secret lots of guys have fantasies about nurses. Several callers over the years have asked if I was a nurse or a teacher, so that shows you how popular fantasies about women in those two professions are. The idea of being cared for b a nurse is a seductive one, many have medical fantasies, there can be examinations involved, prostate massages, sperm collection, all kinds of things to do with being cared for or given extra attention in some way. Some men have thought what if their arms were broken and they couldn’t jerk off until they healed? Who would do it for them? The nurse, of course.

They love to think about such things, like the scene in Seinfeld where George visits his mother in the hospital and he’s taken with the nurse giving the patient in the next bed the sponge bath, men let their imaginations go wild with the idea of someone caring for them like that. In the olden days, nurses were considered little more than prostitutes, since they regularly attended to naked men, so that idea of them seeing lots of naked men and tending to their needs remains in the minds of many men.

A book I read years ago written by a nurse revealed how she did on occasion relieve the sexual tension of a patient or two that was unable to themselves. Perhaps in today’s more litigious world, that wouldn’t be as common as it was several decades ago when it was written, but what goes on behind the pulled bed curtains, only the nurse and patient know. The slutty nurse Halloween costume is a popular one, playing into such notions. The desirable nurse image will always be around.

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First Orgasm of the New Year

Something happened last night and I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It shouldn’t have happened, yet I’m not sorry that it did. I was at this really crowded event in an outdoor square, the people were literally shoulder to shoulder, you could barely move. I was wearing a short dress and around fifteen minutes to midnight I all of a sudden felt a hand creep up the back of my thigh, over my ass and into my panties. I turned my head around, but there were lots of people around me and I honestly had no clue whose hand it was.

What was I supposed to yell out, “Whoever has their hand in pussy, please remove it?” I shifted to try and get away, but we were crammed in their so tightly, I couldn’t get away. I could feel these probing fingers toying with my clit from behind, I was getting wet against my own wishes, but the human body will respond even if you do not want it to at times. I was breathing heavy and all I could do was feel this finger stroking my clit over and over, dipping into my pussy to get wet from my juices and drag them over my clit again.

As it was getting closer to midnight, they began to rub faster and faster and I could feel my orgasm approaching, and at the stroke of twelve, I cried out and after a few more rubs as I was working through my orgasm, the hand was taken away and then almost as quickly the crowd dispersed. I never did see or know who groped me and masturbated me at the outdoor celebration. It’s frustrating. I guess I will never know. I did cum, no doubt about it, but from who, I will never know.

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A Christmas To Remember

Well, it’s Christmas morning, and last night shortly after midnight, so technically Christmas, my boyfriend had imbibed a bit too much eggnog and was feeling rather jolly shall we say. He disappeared for a few moments and reappeared with a giant bow wrapped around his chest and presented himself to me as my present. I was laughing and rolling my eyes, but he’s sexy and sweet and was certainly in the holiday spirit. I pulled off the bow and he came towards me and laid down on top of me and kissed me passionately.

I was always hot for him, so it didn’t take too many kisses for things to get heated. The bow he had wrapped around his chest, he soon cut it in half and had my hands tied to the bedposts with it. I was now getting very hot. I love being tied or restrained, he can tease me for hours before letting me cum. He went down to my pussy and began to lick just the outsides of my pussy lips, avoiding my clit until I was squirming and twisting trying to get his tongue closer to my cunt. Finally he relented and licked at my little clit that was standing at attention, driving me wild.

He spread open my pussy lips totally exposing it and he blew on it, the air tickled me, and then he began sucking on it like a little cock and I was bucking my hips up to him and I was just oozing pussy juice all over his face. Finally he started licking faster and faster and I came in a gush, drenching him. I was still throbbing when he climbed on top of me and was fucking that spasming pussy. By the time he was about to cum, I had another orgasm, and then that triggered him. It was a Christmas to remember.

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Ohh, Santa!

I was at a Christmas party this weekend and had a much better time than I imagined I would. Why’s that, you ask? Well I fucked Santa! Well, the man that had been hired to play Santa at least! This home I went to was done up beautifully, the couple hosting the party has a lot of money and they had the waiters dressed as elves, the man playing Santa, they had even rented some reindeer that were on the front lawn hooked up to a sleigh, it was all quite elaborate.

The man playing Santa was a very flirty, friendly type, and as the party wound down, he was on his way out and I made a joke, and he came over to me and asked if I’d go home with him for a drink, how could I say no to Santa? I followed him in my car, he didn’t live far, and we went inside and had some spiked eggnog, it was very good, and then he asked me if I’d been a good girl or a bad girl this years, I laughed and said the year wasn’t over, I wanted my chance to be bad yet, he liked that answer.

I got on his bed and he started to peel my clothes off of me and I lay there in my pretty red Christmas lingerie and he started taking off his Santa suit and I was delighted to see what a big cock he had. I reached over and began to stroke it in my hand and get it all hard, then I moved my lips down to it and began to lick and suck it and soon he had me flipped over and was fucking me from behind. I had a wonderful orgasm from his big cock and he soon shot his load into me. We chatted for a while and then I left for home. I’m not sure we will ever see each other again, but it was a fun time, and I can now say I’ve fucked Santa!

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The Hustler

Sometimes some of the things callers confess to us can shock us, are they telling the truth, or is this all made up in their minds? Sometimes it can be one or the other and you never quite know what’s real, so you take everything with a grain of salt. One caller a few weeks ago was interesting to talk to and the details he provided made me think it was real, it’s odd they would be calling a phone sex operator rather than confess this to a therapist or a friend, but who knows why they choose to tell the people they do about their misadventures.

This young man, well he was late twenties, so not a kid by any means, he told me how he’s a male escort for other males and travels around the country from big city to big city, and posts ads on classifieds sites looking for appointments and he stays in that city for as long as he’s booked up, could be three days, could be three weeks, and he has several well heeled regulars he goes to see as well for a few days here and there, his sugar daddies as he calls them. He bragged how he was on that drug one can take to prevent HIV so he can have unprotected sex with some of the clients for more money.

It seemed a weird, nomadic and dangerous lifestyle, and he said he’d been doing this for nearly fifteen years, he’d started in his mid teens. I cannot even begin to relate to such a lifestyle, but you do get to talk to people in all walks of life when you are a phone sex operator. He genuinely likes servicing the older men, and said he plans to do this another good ten years, then feels he will have enough to retire with. Very odd the things some people do to get by on, I’m sure many would think doing phone sex for a living is also weird, but different strokes for different folks.

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