Dreaming About the Amazon Delivery Man

With all the home deliveries I’ve gotten in the last couple of months, there’s been a plethora of delivery men that have come to the door with one box or the other, some of them have been kind of hot. There’s one Amazon driver I’ve had the hots for. I’ve actually been ordering more things than I need just on the off chance he’d be the one to deliver them. I’ve gotten him a few times and have been trying to think how to make some kind of move on him without seeming desperate or ridiculous. Last night I actually had a sex dream about him.

I dreamt I was riding his cock, and it was a nice size and filled my pussy nicely. He gave my body a real workout, and since having that sex dream, I’m even more convinced I want to fuck him. I know I can’t tell him this, he’s a veritable stranger to me, handing me a box at the door a few times a month and I’m dreaming of him fucking my brains out and sucking his hard and overly large cock. I can hardly tell him that, he’d think I was nuts and avoid coming here entirely.

I dreamt I was his last delivery of the day and I invited him in and things quickly progressed from there to the bedroom and me sucking him off before we got on the bed and I rode his cock hard. Feeling his full balls beneath me as I rode him, him sucking on my hard nipples and playing with and squeezing my breasts and plunging that cock in and out of my soaking wet cunt. I woke up wet and masturbated before I even got out of bed, hot in knowing I was due to get a delivery today and would he be the one delivering it. I shall just have to wait and see, but I want to make a move soon!

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Earning Extra

My friend was laid off of work for who knows how long with the virus. She works in live theater, so that will be the last to open, so she needed a way to earn until things are more normal. She knew I worked in adult entertainment and she wanted some pointers. With her looks and personality, I told her cam was the best option for her. She loved the idea and I helped her and she’s made more in the last couple of months than she normally does in several months at her regular job. She loves to tease guys and she’s told me she loves to masturbate a lot anyway, so performing on cam is a natural fit for her.

She said she’s masturbated so much over the last couple of months on cam, her pussy is really getting a workout. She already had some toys on hand and bought several more online with which she’s been entertaining her male viewers. She even had one of my clients talk to me on the phone while he watched her. Several callers already call when watching porn, while watching a cam girl is not that much of a stretch and he really liked it, even though he was paying both of us to entertain him.

She never thought she’d be so free and open with her pussy on the web, but she’s proven to be fairly popular and now she thinks even when she’s called back to work, she will do this on a part time basis not only for extra money, but for fun. She loves showing off and with her body, there’s no reason not to. Guys have seen every inch of her as they stroked their cocks and directed her masturbation. She’s enjoyed the compliments and the attentions they have been giving her. It’s been fun to dip her toe into the world of adult entertainment.

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Nude Beach Size Queens

Now we all know most callers have a ten inch or larger penis, right? Except of course the two inch small penis humiliation guys, of course. So this caller was telling me how not many women are able to accommodate his giant, eleven and a half inch penis and it’s made many women walk out when after a date he undressed only to present them with a monster so large, they knew it was a hopeless case. So he told me the way he’s found women that can accommodate his giant cock is by visiting nude beaches. That way the goods are on display right off the bat, no surprises.

He said it even attracts size queens when they see what he’s got. In a way, what he’s saying makes sense. They see what eh has before an entire evening is wasted, money spent on a date that may never turn into sex since they know after “the unveiling” they won’t be able to proceed. No idea if what he told me was true, but it does have a certain sense about it. I would think he’d also have men coming onto him as well that are impressed with his large size, but he said that’s not really been a problem for him so far, but he said plenty of ladies approach him at the beaches.

From what I’ve read, most nude beach visitors appear to be men, so I am not sure how there’s women filled beaches where he goes, but then you cannot really believe a lot of what callers say. Does he have too much of a good thing? Maybe, do the ladies go up to him wanting to be a size queen for a night? Perhaps. He said women have even brought over complimentary drinks to him they are so enamored and impressed with his porn star sized cock. No idea. Your guess is as good as mine.

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Exercising Exhibitionist

I’ve always been kind of a tease. Not all guys like that, but some do. When I first noticed my neighbor watching me exercise through the window, I was a bit shocked. I’d gotten myself a Stairmaster and he seemed to like to watch me go up and down on it. My ass was kind of facing the window and I saw the reflection of him watching me in the dresser mirror. I noticed him watching me several times over the next week. I decided to be extra teasing and the next time I got on the machine, I was nude.

I could see him watching me, and then I noticed his hand go down to his cock and he was masturbating while he watched me. I watched him stroke himself in the mirror. I couldn’t see too much detail, because our houses about twenty feet apart and our bedroom windows faced one another. Maybe he knew I was aware of him doing it, I cannot be sure. His arm sure was moving at top speed as he rubbed one out. Then he stopped and I assume he came and left the room. I was kind of naughty for putting on some nude exercise show, I do silly things without thinking them through at times.

Then the next week if you can believe it, I noticed he’d placed a treadmill next to his window and he started to walk on while he was naked, so he obviously wanted me to see him and what he was doing. It was pretty bizarre to be honest and I got tired of his shenanigans so began to keep my curtains closed when I’d get on the machine, even if I was wearing workout clothes. He got a good show a few times, but I decided to end it.

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Surprise Blow Job

If there’s one thing my boyfriend adores, it’s blow jobs. Like most men. I enjoy surprising him when he gets home by pouncing on him and sucking him. He often will come in the door and his dick will be in my mouth within thirty seconds. The first time I did it he was shocked, and he loved it. He came rather fast, since he was not expecting it and he about went over the edge with pleasure in short order. I find it fun to do these “blow job attacks” on him. I have done them to waken him up, when he gets home, while something’s cooking on the stove, all sorts of times when one would not expect to have such a thing done to them.

He said no other girlfriend has ever done this to him, and he thinks it’s just the most wonderful thing ever. So many ladies don’t enjoy giving them, or rarely do, and even though it’s more for his pleasure, I find if you keep a man happy, he will treat you well and reward you accordingly, so I’m generous shall we say. He can be made to cum quickly when I suck him off, so it doesn’t take long to get the desired effect.

Is a “brownie points blow job” worth it you ask? It sure is to me, and to him too. I doubt he suspects any ulterior motives, and I’m not sure I’d go so far as to describe it that way anyway. It just keeps things running smoothly if he’s kept physically satisfied I find, and this is one way to accomplish that without too much effort. Does your lady ever give you surprise blow jobs? Would you like it if they did? A man once said a surprise blow job is to a man what getting unexpected flowers is to a woman, perhaps that’s a good way to put it.

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