You Wanna Piece of This?

I’ve always been blessed with a nice, fat ass. Guys have always appreciated it a lot more than other women have. Many gals have called it fat, I love my ass though, and I know how to use it! I like to tease guys with it, I love it licked, spanked and fucked. Many girls are not down with all of that, but I sure am, and I don’t mind it being the focal attention of a lot of my sex life. I used to wear short shorts back in the day and my ass cheeks would be popping out the bottoms of the shorts, drawing lots of attention.

How do you feel about smacking a nice, fat, jiggly ass as you fuck that pussy from behind? I bet you love it, or you wouldn’t have read this far! I love to slip a vibe up my ass as I masturbate and feel it go all tingly inside of myself. Many times when I’m getting fucked I will have a vibe up my ass and guys love it, since the vibrations carry through to their dicks as well. It’s only a thin membrane that goes between the pussy and ass, so if something is buzzing up that ass, you can better believe it will be felt if someone is fucking that pussy, and in the best possible way!

I love in the summer how much attention I attract at the beach with my teeny bikini and how my ass is spilling all over the place. The flat ass jealous girls, and the drooling guys, that are just wishing they could get a chance to fuck it or lick it. I’d wiggle right on their face and let them stick that tongue far up inside of me as I play with my clit and they rim my sweet ass. Nothing like a good ass licking.

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BBC For Your Woman

One thing many black guys love is being with white women. Some black guys call for racial humiliation to say they don’t deserve to be with white women, others will be all superior and proclaim that they only will ever be with white women. There seems to be no shortage of white women that will sleep with black guys. For many different reasons, but statistically, black men do have larger than average sized cocks, and many women will absolutely be curious to try a very large one and see how it compares to the average one that most white guys have.

A black caller the other night was saying how conservative most black women are in bed and what sluts most white girls are, so of course a slut is more fun than a prude, so they like the white girls for that reason as well. They love to impress a white woman with their large dicks when they’ve never been with a black guy before, it’s a thing of wonder compared to their five inch boyfriend when they see a ten inch schlong get pulled out that is the size of a forearm.

Many white guys also love the cuckold scene where they are watching their white women getting fucked by a BBC, they know they cannot compete and like to see their woman being satisfied for once by a huge cock. Does interracial sex excite you? Do you watch this sort of porn when you jerk off, imagining your own woman taking a huge black cock in her ass, down her throat or into her tight pussy that’s about to be stretched out to the point of no return? Then call one of our ladies up and tell us all about it while you stroke your little white dick, we’re sure it will make you cum hard.

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Hospital Hand Job

I volunteer in a hospital one Saturday a month. Just passing around books and visiting with patients that don’t have any visitors for a little bit, nothing medical involved, just a bit of human kindness. This past week though, I was wheeling around the cart of books into a room with a man and I heard these noises behind his curtain he had around his bed. It only took me a moment to hear they were feint sex type noises. I peeked behind and curtain and saw he was trying to masturbate, but not having much success due to his injury he was in bed healing from. He was a nice looking, younger guy.

I had a devilish thought go through my mind, I knew I should turn around and go out, but he saw me peeking and asked desperately for my help. I knew help with what, that’s for sure. I looked towards the door, worrying someone might come in and make trouble for me if I did as he was begging me to do. Lunch had been served an hour ago and the trays cleared, so no one was apt to come in again for a while. He said he was so horny, but couldn’t reach properly due to his broken shoulder. Would I please help him?

I pulled up the chair next to the bed and said I was just here to visit and hand out books, I couldn’t really be going around and jerking off male patients. He again asked me, I knew he was desperate, his erect cock was standing at attention under the sheet pitching a tent. I said I would, so I reached under the sheet and gripped his cock and began to pump it up and down in my hand, gripping it firmly and really working it. He was so grateful for my help. He told me how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft. It didn’t take him long before he groaned in delight and came on my hand. I quickly cleaned him up, went to wash my hands and smiled and left. This was my good deed for the month.

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Giving It To Him Up The Ass

I’ve been dating this guy who’s nice, but he’s pretty submissive and I had a feeling he might like me to dominate him with a strap on. I was right. When I asked if he’d ever tried this or thought of it he blushed and said he’d been too shy to ask the few women he’d been with about it, but if I was willing, he’d love to give it a go. I got us a few things at the sex shop and a harness and strap on were among them. He was thrilled when I showed him the bag of goodies I’d gotten for us to try.

I got a big bottle of lube and once I had the harness on and the toy in place, I lubed it up well and told him to bend over the bed. I could hear the fear in his voice. He was so afraid it would hurt, yet he was curious anyway to try. I was gentle and eased the head of it into his asshole, pushing it inside and then ever so slowly going in all the way with it. He gasped a bit when I did so. I’d started off with a smaller one, it was only around five inches, but if you’ve never had anything in there, even that can seem a little large I realize.

He reached underneath and began to stroke his cock at the same time I was fucking him to increase his own pleasure. He moaned in delight and quickly grew to love my thrusting into him with the toy. He softly moaned he was going to cum and he shot his load in a few squirts. I then withdrew the strap on and he said he’d never had such an intense orgasm in his life before. The toy had just hit his prostate just right and induced a more pleasurable orgasm than he’d ever known. I knew the strap on was going to become a regular fixture in our sex life.

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Pound Me From Behind

Most ladies will tell you, clit stimulation from behind is a bit more intense than from the front, so doggy style sex is a popular position for both parties. Most guys will list it as their favorite sexual position, there’s a real basic, primitive appeal to it. It can be a really great fuck to get pounded from behind, certainly a bit more physically exhausting and involved than just laying there. It’s physical, it’s intense and it can make your loins explode with pleasure. My boyfriend always loves that position, and I like to do it standing up rather than on all fours. You can lift your leg or foot a lot more easily to change positions that way.

Even masturbating can be fun standing up and doing it from behind if you’re using a toy or the water massager in the shower so the stream of water gets your clit from behind, there’s just an intensity to it that doing it from the front lacks. I like having my ass spanked when in that position as well. Your partner can really give you a good smack on the ass or really pull you hard back onto that cock of his by squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples.

You can easily stimulate your own clit in that position, or your partner can reach forward and do it for you, or you can hold a toy against your clit while you’re getting fucked. Even doggy style sex in the shower, you can aim the stream of water from the shower massager on a hose on your clit. Some of it might spray on your partners balls as well, which they also might find adds to their excitement. You won’t always want the same position of course, but as a good one, doggy style sex has some good benefits to it.

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