Let’s Pretend

One thing some couples do to spice up their relationships is engage in various types of roleplays. One fun one is meeting at a bar and pretending you’ve never met one another before. You will meet this sexy stranger and end up having hot sex, but not acting as yourselves. You can pretend to be all sorts of things. Not just at a bar either. Maybe one night you open the door and there’s a man there holding a pizza you hadn’t ordered. Lots of possibilities for you and your lover to explore and enjoy.

The same old thing can get boring night after night, so its no wonder some like to shake things up. Some even go so far as costumes and props. Variety is always a good thing to keep things fresh. Now maybe your partner might burst out laughing if you answered the door in some costume, but others might really go for it and a hot night of steamy sex resulting. Maybe have a talk with your partner beforehand and see if something like this interests them before going out and spending money on some costume.

The idea of being taken and raped appeals to some women. They don’t want a stranger or real violence of course, but if a boyfriend or husband suddenly came up behind them as they were getting in their car, put their hand over their mouth and shoved them in the backseat and had their way with them, things might get pretty steamy for an unexpected quickie like that. You can get wet very fast when you are aroused, even in a minute if the stimulus is right. See how you might like it, and call to enact a steamy roleplay you might have in mind, you just might find yourself hard, horny and ready to go.

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Savoring His Cock

Most men love to receive blow jobs, and my boyfriend is no exception. I love sucking on just the tip of his cock to tease him. Of course he wants me to take the entire length of it down my throat, but I really do not enjoy being gagged. So I tell him the only full penetration he’s going to get will be with my pussy. I lick all the drips of precum off of his meaty shaft and swirl my tongue around. Him groaning and whimpering the entire time. It’s a lot of fun to see a grown man in that state.

It makes my pussy very wet when I’m giving him such pleasure, so I usually love to masturbate as I’m sucking on him. He said he enjoys sixty nine, but I find it hard to concentrate on my own pleasure when I’m worried about someone else’s, so I just prefer to take turns and do it one after the other, with me cumming first of course, since men often lose the desire entirely I find after they cum, and I’m not going to be left in the lurch, so I make damned sure I’ve been satisfied first. I will be happy to see to his cock afterwards.

He’s usually hard while he’s licking me and making me cum, so I know he will be about ready to explode when I take that hard and twitching dick head into my wet, warm and waiting mouth. I love to please him and lick up and down the entire shaft, but I only put the tip in my mouth. No throat fucking for me, just the head and it makes him wild, always makes him wanting more. Keep them happy, but always make them come back wanting more. It’s the right thing to do, your man will thank you for it.

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He Jerked Off in the Car

I can recall years ago when I was sitting in the car in a parking lot while my mom was grocery shopping in the store and I was waiting for her, the guy in the car next to our car was rubbing one out. I saw this movement out of the corner of my eye and it was his arm jerking back and forth. He didn’t seem to care I was right in the car next to him, I likely could have touched his car had I leaned out the window and tried. He was stroking away in seventh heaven. He did not look directly at me, but he was looking around to see if anyone was watching.

This was in the days before cell phones, so no worries of people walking by and snapping a pic and posting it online, there were no cell phones and no internet for a few more years yet, so it was a time of a lot more freedom and not so many worries about doing things like this. He was really going at it pretty hard, his car was kind of shaking back and forth a bit, I’d imagine it would move the same way if ones were fucking and the car would be going back and forth.

I tried not to outright stare, but I was certainly aware of what was going on in the car behind the drivers seat. He seemed to stop after a while, so I assume he came. My mom then came back to the car, we drove off and I assume whoever he was waiting for soon returned and then they too drove off. Callers absolutely do call and jerk off behind the wheel. It’s honestly the rare one that finds a secluded spot to pull over, most are just doing it as they drive, which is really not safe. Do you jerk off where people can see you in your car, if so, by all means, give us a call if you want some company.

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Are You a Two Pump Chump?

Needless to say, we phone sex ladies get lots of premature ejaculators that call. The two pump chumps. Many of these guys are calling since they can’t find a girlfriend, since once the woman sees how badly they perform in bed, they are usually not given a second shot so to speak. Some with this condition also have a small penis, the humiliation of the two conditions often goes hand in hand. Though some tiny dick guys can last, and some hung like a horse will still squirt very soon after penetration.

There’s things like numbing sprays or creams that help with desensitizing, but be sure and use a condom if you use them, since if you don’t, it’s just going to rub off on the woman and make them numb, which is the last thing you want to do. So many guys call and ask about this situation, yet they are too lazy to train themselves out of it, which can be done if you commit to it with masturbation and stopping and starting exercises. Some that know they are failures prefer to concentrate on pleasing their woman orally, since the know the cock is not a good option.

Get a bit drunk, since alcohol often makes men not be able to cum, the old ‘whiskey dickie’ has made many a man not be able to shoot his load. Some callers will only ever be one to three minute guys, just how they are and they have no real motivation to change things. One caller that uses a pocket pussy sometimes cums in the first minute of his call, the sensation around his cock is so wonderful to him, he just can’t help himself. If some joker disappointed me like this in real life, I’d make him feel so inadequate and pathetic, he’d slither off never to return or show his face again. Train yourself out of it, get professional help, don’t be a joke to women more than you already are. Don’t be a two pump chump.

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“Pull it Out!”

One of my callers is into the popular impregnation fetish. He wants me to pretend to be angry when he cums inside of me and yell at him to pull it out, don’t you dare cum in me, that kind of thing. Lots of men love the risky sex scenarios. You do not even have to actually like kids to be into impregnation fetish. Many will say they don’t even like kids, so they do not understand why the fantasy is so hot. Before modern birth control was available, this would have indeed been a very risky thing to partake in, fort he woman at least.

The idea of risk does heighten the senses and emotions, so it’s not hard to understand how it makes it more forbidden to cum inside a fertile woman that definitely does not want to become pregnant. Ignoring her wishes for you to pull out, even though the withdrawal method is anything but safe anyway. Risky things have always attracted adventuresome and sometimes foolhardy men, so the thought of risky sex that very well might result in a baby certainly fits the category. The talk of being fertile, ovulating, not pulling out, breeding and giving you their seed, all of these things can be very sexy if both people are into it and there’s no actual risk of getting pregnant.

Do you like the idea of knocking a woman up? Some of the callers have even talked about being bred by men, not even possible, and yet they have these fantasies at times and share them. There is nothing no matter how sick and twisted that some man somewhere doesn’t fantasize about. They do like to confess their naughty fantasies to we phone sex girls. Do you want to breed a woman but have no actual woman to breed? Tell one of us all about it and we will be good, little, fertile bitches for you. Give us that baby batter now!

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