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You Taste Delicious, My Dear

One of my callers this week said how much he enjoys menstruating women for sex. Now I thought he was just meaning fucking them, more would have no issue with that, but no, he went full out and said going … Continue reading

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Reclaiming Virginity

In today’s world, it doesn’t seem like virginity would matter to many, but it does to some cultures and religions. Even in North America, to many religious folks, it’s prized. I’ve spoken to several Mormon’s over the years and it … Continue reading

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Drinking blood may seem ghoulish, is ghoulish, but there are some that incorporate this into their sexual repertoire. In recent years vampires and Dracula have become romanticised and not feared as the demons they once were perceived to be. Hollywood … Continue reading

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Earn Your Red Wings

  A subject many consider taboo is sexual contact with a woman that is having her period. Some don’t mind, a few even have a fetish for it, but many consider it a taboo topic they’d just as soon not … Continue reading

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