Reclaiming Virginity

In today’s world, it doesn’t seem like virginity would matter to many, but it does to some cultures and religions. Even in North America, to many religious folks, it’s prized. I’ve spoken to several Mormon’s over the years and it seems crazy in this day and age they still ask their young people to abstain. Yet when last I checked, people from Utah had the highest online porn subscriptions of any state. Seems a bit ironic, eh?

One guy I talked to was a Mormon, and he and his wife had gotten married without any sex at all and he loved it, she didn’t and so jerking off was pretty much all he got. So for gals that came from such backgrounds yet were not able to control themselves, they can either have the hymen restoring surgery to make their husbands think they are untouched on their wedding night, which is expensive and I’d assume somewhat painful, or they can buy something that is apparently popular with some, a fake hymen kit. I’m not kidding. For $30 you can buy a fake hymen and fake blood kit to make it appear as though hubby has burst your cherry for real.

In ancient times, after the wedding night the grooms family used to hang the blood stained sheets out the window for ones to see as proof. I kid you not. Now considering a hymen can be broken easily during everyday activities, not all women are going to bleed during their first time, so I’m kind of wondering what they’d do. I’ve read before about how some would place fish bladders filled with blood inside for a small gush of blood. My, the things ones do…

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