You Taste Delicious, My Dear


One of my callers this week said how much he enjoys menstruating women for sex. Now I thought he was just meaning fucking them, more would have no issue with that, but no, he went full out and said going down on them. I asked if the mess and smell wasn’t a bit much with the blood and even clots and he said no, he loves the taste of it. I guess there’s ones into every fetish out there, even going down on bleeding women.

Now if cramps are an issue, I don’t want anyone near me, I’m curled up in a ball in tears with pain at times from severe cramps and no orgasm is going to relieve that, but if cramps are not an issue and your man is game and you’re up for it, why not. A shower before and after would be a good idea, but have at it. Sex during a woman’s period is against many religions edicts, but if you don’t worry about that, you might well carry on as normal. The days of being sent to the caves for a week are long over, but some consider a woman “unclean” in that state.

Precisely because of such taboos, some people will find the forbidden act even more appealing and want to experiment with it. Some men have said they can be a bloody mess afterwards, with blood smears from stomach to thighs and if pussy licking is involved, ear to ear as well. If some are into scat, it’s not inconceivable ones would be into blood, I’d think blood would be preferable to the other. As long as one uses plenty of towels and showers, no harm for anyone.

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