Drinking blood may seem ghoulish, is ghoulish, but there are some that incorporate this into their sexual repertoire. In recent years vampires and Dracula have become romanticised and not feared as the demons they once were perceived to be. Hollywood is pretty much responsible for this with all their vampire love stories and the like.

Even ones not into falling in love with vampires, can see the appeal of them. The youth that never fades, the dark and mysterious way they have about them. Some have actually crossed that line and turned to actual blood consumption. They feel it gives them a closer bond with their partner to literally be taking a part of their essence into them. (Cum would do the same thing and be a lot less icky…)

For many centuries people believed blood had  a power, and it does, it is the very essence that keeps us alive. Queens bathed in the blood of virgins in the hopes of the youth being drawn into them. So of course many have gotten the idea that the liquid of life force would extend their own lives and their own youth if they actually consumed and drank it.

Controlled cutting by certain people you are close to to feed off, it does happen. I find it beyond creepy and weird, but there are ones doing it. It usually is just within the couple, but sometimes small groups form and ones volunteer to be the ones fed off of, they are offering their blood to the feeders. There are many little odd subcultures out there, blood drinkers among them. Cheers…….

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