Naughty Secrets

Some men that call are looking for an online girlfriend when they call a phone sex line. One caller that’s divorced says he doesn’t need the dramas of a real life relationship, but he enjoys the company of women on his own terms, and talking to one on the phone while he masturbates is enough of a connection for him. Some have been raked over the coals in divorces and real life connections can just be too draining and need too much time and attention, so I can’t blame a guy for just wanting some steamy talk and not much more.

Have you had it with women in your own life? But you enjoy talking to a woman, sharing your naughty fantasies and experiences with her. Talking when you want to and for how long you want to is the best thing about phone sex. You don’t have the nagging wife or girlfriend telling you to take out the garbage or let the dog out, you’ve just got a sweet voiced, sexy woman talking about your cock and how much she wants it. That can be a very appealing thing for sure. Your cock is what we are there to entertain. Tell you how to touch it, how to stroke it, how to make it explode!

You may have had some extra naughty past experiences you’ve never shared with a woman in your life, and a phone sex girl is the perfect one to share it with, we can be that non judgmental listener for your debauched past! So many callers even that have a partner honestly hide a lot from them since they know it would just not be accepted. They many times need to confess to someone about what’s going on and they find we are the perfect ones to confide in. Have some naughty secrets to share?

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