Jolting Your Cock

Cock and ball torture is surprisingly popular on phone sex calls. Guys not into it can’t grasp it and groan when I mention it as a popular call if they ask. For ones into it, they are really into it. Some even want to go all the way and talk about cutting it off. When you have a cruel and devious mind and a good imagination, it can be quite a fun topic to talk about. One caller the last week has called multiple times and wants nothing but extreme descriptions of what I’d do to his most sensitive body part. I mean, we’re talking curling irons and barbecue’s here. Meat cleavers and mousetraps, it’s kinda crazy.

One caller had told me he has an electro type of device that’s able to be hooked up to his cock and send shockwaves throughout the cock and ball area with sticky pad type things you place on the skin and them ramp them up. I’d have no issue at all turning it up to the highest setting and seeing him flop around like a fish. Sounds pretty amusing if you ask me. So many men genuinely deserve to be made to feel pain, I’d be happy to dole it out to them at a level they wouldn’t soon forget.

Is your cock craving pain and bizarre things to be done to it, that a normal mind just could not even conceive? Most operators enjoy these sorts of calls, so it’s not something you will struggle to find a lady to indulge you. It’s quite entertaining to hear the shrieks of pain coming from the other end of the phone. To know you’re inflicting some well deserved pain upon yourself at our urging. Go ahead, do it, feel the burn, cut off that blood supply, stick that sharpened chopstick down that dick. We will laugh at your aching dick.

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