Lick Me to Heaven

If there’s one thing a lady loves, it’s a man that knows what he’s doing when it comes to licking pussy. One of my favorite callers says it’s his favorite things to do to a woman. There’s actually many men that claim this. Sometimes you get some man that says they won’t do it, yet they expect a woman to suck their cock. That’s pretty ridiculous and selfish to expect that. You get, you give, no questions. Some are so thrilled with it, they claim they’d be happy to never fuck again. Oh to lay back and spread for my knowledgeable lover.

My moist pussy lips opening from desire, my swollen clit begging to be sucked upon. My nipples hardening with arousal as he begins to lap at my copious wetness and drive me wild. I know it’s making his cock go wild as he pleasures me, my legs draped over his shoulders, his face buried between my creamy thighs. The smell of my womanly musk driving him wild to make me quiver under his touch. I adore each and every step he takes me on in my journey to orgasm. Like waves crashing within me, I feel the orgasm welling up inside of me.

First my thighs begin to shake, and my toes curl. I grab his head and wrap his hair in my fingers as I mash his face deep into my pussy, so much so that he can hardly breathe. I buck up against him, seeking my impending release I know is coming. A low moan escapes my throat as I get closer and closer to heaven and I am all of a sudden crying out as he pushes me over that edge to pleasure. He never relents on his licking me and licks me through my orgasm, only slowing down when he realizes I am nearly numb from all the pleasure. Oh yes lover, please lick me…

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