Nude Beach Size Queens

Now we all know most callers have a ten inch or larger penis, right? Except of course the two inch small penis humiliation guys, of course. So this caller was telling me how not many women are able to accommodate his giant, eleven and a half inch penis and it’s made many women walk out when after a date he undressed only to present them with a monster so large, they knew it was a hopeless case. So he told me the way he’s found women that can accommodate his giant cock is by visiting nude beaches. That way the goods are on display right off the bat, no surprises.

He said it even attracts size queens when they see what he’s got. In a way, what he’s saying makes sense. They see what eh has before an entire evening is wasted, money spent on a date that may never turn into sex since they know after “the unveiling” they won’t be able to proceed. No idea if what he told me was true, but it does have a certain sense about it. I would think he’d also have men coming onto him as well that are impressed with his large size, but he said that’s not really been a problem for him so far, but he said plenty of ladies approach him at the beaches.

From what I’ve read, most nude beach visitors appear to be men, so I am not sure how there’s women filled beaches where he goes, but then you cannot really believe a lot of what callers say. Does he have too much of a good thing? Maybe, do the ladies go up to him wanting to be a size queen for a night? Perhaps. He said women have even brought over complimentary drinks to him they are so enamored and impressed with his porn star sized cock. No idea. Your guess is as good as mine.

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