A Dip In The Pool

Pool season is now here and I’ve given my new young neighbor something to fantasize about this summer. I got in the pool to skinny dip and I looked up and saw him peeking out the corner of his bedroom window. I saw the curtain move and I knew he was watching me, so I gave him a little bit of a show. I had this chair I dragged into the pool, since it’s nice just to sit in the water on a hot day and I started to bounce around on it and my tits were bobbing up and down and I bet he was beating off like crazy watching me.

I then went over to the side of the pool and put one leg up on the side and was masturbating with the pool jet, I made sure to moan and groan extra loud for him to hear me. I could see his window was open, so I was sure he could hear. I was home alone and no worries of being caught, so I really went to town and was enjoying my first swim of the season. I saw the curtains move again, so I knew he was watching my little show. I knew he couldn’t see much with me in the water, so I got out and moved to the chaise lounge chair.

I spread my legs so they were open towards him and began to stroke my pussy in the sunlight. He’d be able to see everything clearly. I closed my eyes and just imagined him in his room, staring intently at me as he furiously beat off and pumped his young teenage cock. I liked the idea of turning him on so much and teasing him, it was always fun to tease guys. I soon came and went back inside. Maybe in a few days I’d do it again and bring a toy.

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