Enjoy The Stroke

Obviously most men are calling phone sex lines to masturbate. They are feeling the need to release a load of cum and know that a sexy lady on the other end of the phone will make it a more enjoyable experience than just watching some porn alone. Men have been stroking their cocks since the dawn of time, there were no telephones then, imagine how lonely masturbation was with no phones to share it with anyone! Sure, some guys likely had a jerk buddy or looked at some dirty pics, but there’s nothing like hearing a woman’s voice to push you over that edge.

You love to stroke as well, don’t you, or you wouldn’t be reading this on a phone sex site. You know the pleasure it can bring to hear someone talk dirty to you, to discuss your fantasies as you rub one out and drive yourself wild. You likely don’t share it with your friends that you call phone sex lines, but they themselves might be enjoying the same guilty pleasures, you just never know. One caller used to tell me he’d discuss certain escorts with his group of friends, as apparently they all used them, but he’d never tell them about his love of phone sex. He felt they’d make fun of him.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of to enjoy your masturbation and sharing it on the phone, but so many people are steeped in shame when it comes to masturbation, and it’s a travesty. If people were more open about it and offered their friends hints on how to make it more enjoyable, such as calling a phone sex lady, they might have more fulfilling orgasms. Go ahead and stroke your cock, don’t feel shame, feel joy. It’s your penis, enjoy it! We are all very pro masturbation, masturbation positive people here, you are among friends!

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