The Hustler

Sometimes some of the things callers confess to us can shock us, are they telling the truth, or is this all made up in their minds? Sometimes it can be one or the other and you never quite know what’s real, so you take everything with a grain of salt. One caller a few weeks ago was interesting to talk to and the details he provided made me think it was real, it’s odd they would be calling a phone sex operator rather than confess this to a therapist or a friend, but who knows why they choose to tell the people they do about their misadventures.

This young man, well he was late twenties, so not a kid by any means, he told me how he’s a male escort for other males and travels around the country from big city to big city, and posts ads on classifieds sites looking for appointments and he stays in that city for as long as he’s booked up, could be three days, could be three weeks, and he has several well heeled regulars he goes to see as well for a few days here and there, his sugar daddies as he calls them. He bragged how he was on that drug one can take to prevent HIV so he can have unprotected sex with some of the clients for more money.

It seemed a weird, nomadic and dangerous lifestyle, and he said he’d been doing this for nearly fifteen years, he’d started in his mid teens. I cannot even begin to relate to such a lifestyle, but you do get to talk to people in all walks of life when you are a phone sex operator. He genuinely likes servicing the older men, and said he plans to do this another good ten years, then feels he will have enough to retire with. Very odd the things some people do to get by on, I’m sure many would think doing phone sex for a living is also weird, but different strokes for different folks.

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