Cunnilingus at the Symphony

Recently I went to the theater with my boyfriend. His boss had given him tickets to some local symphony performance and they were lovely box seats in their own separate area. We settled in and had a lot of privacy, the music was lovely and then my boyfriend started to get a bit “friendly” and had his hands all over me. It wasn’t like we were in the main part of the theater, but I wondered if some usher walking by the back of the box might look in and see us.

I was a bit horny, so needless to say I didn’t stop him and he was soon kneeling on the floor in front of me and hiking my skirt up and pulling my panties off to the side and slipping his tongue between my pussy lips, all the while the symphony played and people down below had no clue what was going on in the box above them. I was squirming in my chair as I felt him tickle and tease my clit, obviously I had to be quiet and not make too many movements, as I didn’t want to catch the eye of anyone that happened to be glancing around.

I just sat back and spread my legs wide and let him do his work as I bit my lip and enjoyed it. I did soon cum and he licked my pussy clean before placing my panties back in their original position and then tugging my skirt down. I didn’t want to risk having sex and getting caught, he was fairly concealed in the darkness and in front of my chair, but he was going to get me when we got home! The next day his boss asked him how he liked the show and he said it was just fantastic. How much of that was due to the music and how much was due to my pussy, his boss will never know!

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