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Looking For Excitement?

This married man I’ve been seeing a few times, he’s got a really boring wife that never has sex with him. No shocker there, I certainly have heard that more than a few times over the years. He’s always saying … Continue reading

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Abusing My Power

I know it’s not right to abuse one’s power they have over employees in the work place, but sometimes power just overtakes you, like a drug, and you cannot help yourself. I’m a CEO of a medium sized successful company, … Continue reading

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Violence Against Women

Sad as it is to say, some men are into violence against women as a sexual turn on. That’s a scary and sad fact. How could hurting someone be arousing, that’s honestly very sick to think of. I mean it’s … Continue reading

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Positions Of Power

It is considered a taboo for a boss to have a relationship with a subordinate in many places. Even though they are usually consensual, it just has a connotation of a power situation going on. A college professor I talk … Continue reading

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