Positions Of Power

It is considered a taboo for a boss to have a relationship with a subordinate in many places. Even though they are usually consensual, it just has a connotation of a power situation going on. A college professor I talk to told me he’s seen careers ruined by other teachers that fooled around with students, even when the students are over age.

A military man I talk to said the same thing, you don’t fraternize with subordinates, you can get into trouble. I am a big one on personal choice, so I don’t like these kinds of rules. I think adults should be allowed to make their own decisions.

For operators, it’s considered a taboo by many companies to exchange personal info. With clients and fraternize with them in a non professional capacity. I understand they are looking at that from a safety standpoint and don’t want to be held responsible, but I think it is wrong for companies to dictate to adults what they can do in their off hours. Consenting adults should have the right to communicate without fear of their jobs being at stake.

I’ve never met a client, likely never will, but I shouldn’t need to worry about my job if I so choose. Yet another reason I love having my own toll free line, no ones rules to follow but my own. That fear and worry is not there, freedom is a wonderful thing. Just because one partner is in a position of power doesn’t mean it is wrong. Until women entered the workforce, in a marriage the husband had all the real power. The house was in their name, divorce would all but leave a woman destitute and unmarriageable to another, and courts would favor the man.

No man will ever dictate my life. I will take care of myself and make my own decisions without needing to consult any man. The idea is laughable to me. Relationships whether “forbidden” or not between bosses and employees, teacher and student, these will always be among us, let’s hope they have the sense to be discreet about it, but ones usually seem to slip up and let things out that should remain private. Trust no one.

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