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Peg My Ass

The number of men that call seeking some kind of pegging by a woman is fairly high, more than most people would think it would be. So many guys are into anal sex of one kind or another, giving it … Continue reading

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Anal Sex Week

I personally don’t mind having sex when I have my period, and most boyfriends I’ve had in the past don’t mind either, but my current one is a bit squeamish about it, so he prefers to just do anal when … Continue reading

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You Cum Sucking Pig!

There are a LOT of cum lovers out there to be sure. One practice that some, particularly those in the gay community have embraced is called felching. For the weak of stomach, it may not do you any good to … Continue reading

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Up Yours!

One taboo activity that gay and straight people both engage in is fisting. It was considered illegal to even show in porn. The stretching of the vagina and rectum is considered where the pleasure comes from, not so much the … Continue reading

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Backdoor Bustle

To many people and in many cultures anal sex is taboo. So much so, in many countries, 36% of the world, it is still illegal. Now how many are actually prosecuted, that remains unknown, as how many times is a … Continue reading

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