Anal Sex Week

I personally don’t mind having sex when I have my period, and most boyfriends I’ve had in the past don’t mind either, but my current one is a bit squeamish about it, so he prefers to just do anal when it’s that time of the month. I think he’s being ridiculous, but it is what it is. This past weekend we had some anal sex and I can’t say I don’t cum from it, he’s quite good at it, I think every girl he’s ever been with he’s said no to for regular sex when they have their period, so he’s had lots of experience with anal sex and knows how to at least make it pleasurable for both parties.

He likes me on all fours and I can rub my clit in that position or hold a toy on my clit when I’m like that and he eases the head of his dick right inside my tight ass and then eases it in all the way up to the balls. He likes a smooth ride, so uses lots of thick lube, the kind that’s specifically made just for anal sex and doesn’t usually need reapplication. He grabs my tits or even holds the vibe on my clit for me, which is usually plenty juicy, the way I buck my hips back and forth, the vibe hits my clit just right and I usually cum within a couple of minutes.

When we fuck the regular way he also enjoys doggy style, he always said that my ass was one of the things that first attracted him to me, and I know it’s a bootylicious one for sure. I don’t mind a good spanking when I get fucked either, so my ass has many purposes, lol. His cock isn’t that big, but it’s big enough, so it doesn’t hurt me when he does go to town for some backdoor fun. I can take it just fine.

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