Peg My Ass

The number of men that call seeking some kind of pegging by a woman is fairly high, more than most people would think it would be. So many guys are into anal sex of one kind or another, giving it and receiving it. Many are using toys on themselves during the call, stretching themselves out, wishing it was a hot, dominant lady wearing a strap on to fuck them with. So many more are submissive than dominant. They want to be used, they want to feel their asses stretching out as their Mistress fucks them until they are cross eyed.

Many call and ask if I’d ever peg a guy, I’m not dominant, so my answer usually disappoints them if that’s what they are looking for. Not all women are going to be comfortable doing something like this. Most men know this. Many are married or have girlfriends and they know even asking their partners is going to be an utter waste of time, so they simply do not even bother. Some will go to a professional dominatrix, others will just stick with toys they use on themselves and fantasize it’s a woman doing it to them. Ones that are honest will say they just wish it was a guy fucking them.

Many that like anal play aren’t gay and they are clear about that, they just find the anal stimulation exciting and they enjoy it when alone masturbating. Not everyone has huge toys, but some do, I’ve seen them with my own eyes on cam using them, backing themselves into them, stuck to the wall with suction cups. Anal will always be an interest to some callers, you just have to roll with it and say you’d love to plough them with a huge strap on, they are usually using their toys while you tell them this. Does pegging interest you? Have you have it done to yourself? Why not call and tell us all about your previous pegging adventures.

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