Double Trouble

This next taboo has always kind of fascinated me. Twins. I don’t think I would be saying no to a threesome with a handsome pair of male twins. One guy I chat with is a twin and he said he and his brother have had threesomes with a girl before. I found that very erotic to hear about although he stressed there was no interaction between him and his brother. I’m sure he knew I was wondering!

I have read there is twin porn out there and it seems kind of naughty but erotic at the same time. Yes, that is incest, but with identical twins, it almost has a different connotation to it for some reason. It’s almost like making love to yourself in a way, an extension of yourself, it’s hard to put into words, but so many guys love the idea of watching beautiful female twins being naughty with each other as well, so it’s something there is an interest in for sure.

There’s just something about twins…I must say, I would kind of like to see gorgeous male twins doing things together, it seems very naughty and arousing and forbidden all at the same time. To watch them perform oral sex on each other, give each other hand jobs and rub their cocks together would be very exciting to see. And to share in that and have them both fuck me and go down on me and kiss me all over…My, is it getting hot in here?

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