The Neighbor Watched Me

When I was in my teens, I used to exercise outside. We had a good sized yard and a fence, there was privacy, I was not concerned in the slightest. The neighbor seemed to spend a lot of time outside, but I didn’t pay him much mind, he was quite into gardening. One of the things I used to like to do was skip with my hula hoop and of course skipping made my tits shake and jiggle. I realized one day the neighbor seemed to be outside most of the time when I’d exercise, and I had a feeling he was spying on me.

There was a knot hole in the fence that had popped out years ago, and I came to the conclusion he was staring at me through that hole and likely jerking off. I even saw a bit of a reflection in his window one day of his arm moving, so I think he might have been rubbing one out as he watched my tight, teen body jiggle and exercise. So many pervs around. I couldn’t prove it of course, but I went inside from then on rather than give him some kind of a free show. I didn’t want him jerking off to me.

I have had calls from many callers over the years that admitted to spying on their neighbors doing things, so I know it goes on a lot. Many are looking at neighbors swimming, or suntanning, all kinds of things from peeping in open windows to filming them on their cell phone cameras to jerk off to later. There’s a lot of peeping Tom’s out there. So if you’ve done anything pervy like this and want to confess to someone about it, we phone sex girls have heard it all, you can’t shock us. Why not tell us what naughtiness you’ve been up to, as you get your rocks off, of course.

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