The Joys of Guided Masturbation

What is it about men and guided masturbation? JOI, jerk off instructions, these are popular among callers. They can be repetitious and boring for the operator unless you have the right sort of caller that likes to make things interesting. One I had today wanted me to do counts and tell him say, ten strokes fast, twenty strokes slow, and I’d count the strokes. He made it much more interesting than most. The stop and start, different speed, different pressures and counting is all quite common, so you can see how it could be very repetitious to do over and over for many minutes.

It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s that it’s tedious. For years I failed to understand the appeal of such a way of masturbating in the first place, until I tried it myself. Several personal phone sex partners had tried to talk me into it, but I never wanted to until I found the right ones. Believe me, once you find the right ones and surrender to them your control and truly do as they say, you then understand the great appeal of this method of pleasuring. It can be quite one sided, and the one conducting the call is doing all the work, which is no fun for them, but the one getting the instructions, oh boy, when you find the right one to do it, it will be explosive.

It’s not for everyone, not everyone wants to surrender this control. You might be fine letting some do it, but not others. You really have to find the right person, but once you do, it will be worth the wait. You can be driven wild, touching yourself in patterns you’d otherwise never pick for yourself, it’s as close as having another person doing the touching as you can get. Then they control you when it’s their hand upon you. Not so if it’s your own. Unless you follow their instructions. So if guided masturbation holds any appeal to you, try one of our ladies out and give it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

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