I Needed the Job

We all know this is not the best time to be looking for work. So many are unemployed, laid off, so much uncertainty right now. You have to take what you can get in many cases, like it or not. I was down to my last hundred dollars in my bank account and miraculously got called back for an interview to a job I’d applied for months ago. I knew I had to do anything to get this job, or I’d be out on the street. The man that interviewed me was the owner of the business. He could sense my desperation, and took advantage of it.

When he started out by asking me how badly I needed this job, I didn’t get a good feeling. He had people over a barrel and he knew it. I told him in all honesty I needed it – no matter what. He grinned an evil grin and began t unzip his pants. I gulped and looked on in wide eyed semi horror. He told me to pull up my dress, pull down my panties and get up on the desk. I did it just to get the job. I hoped it would be over with as soon as possible and put it behind me.

I shut my eyes and waited for it to happen. He chuckled and said it wasn’t the most horrible thing in the world, relax, I just might enjoy it. He then shocked me by teasing my clit with the tip of his cock before sliding it in. I had to admit it did feel good. He had me practically panting before he even slid it in to me, and it was a nice, thick, long cock. He took his time and he fucked me well. I had not expected I’d get any pleasure from this situation, but he made sure I did. I really did cum on his dick as he fucked me and he made sure I came before he did. He told me I had the job and to report in the next morning. I was stunned at the entire exchange, but not unhappy about it.

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