Cock Sucking Toy

This one caller that uses a sex toy during calls has this oral sex simulating toy. I can always tell it’s him calling before he even speaks because I can hear this toy in the background and it sounds like squeaky bedsprings. I asked him what the noise was the first time I heard it and he said it’s a toy to suck his dick, since he can’t find any woman to do it, lol. I was laughing and telling him what a loser he is and he keeps calling for more verbal abuse about what a loser he is.

Sex toys can be good, they do spice up the whole masturbation experience and make it a slightly different orgasm than not using one, or by using a variety of sex toys. They can make it easier to cum, which sadly can become a bit more difficult as people age. Sometimes masturbation can be an exercise in futility to have an orgasm and you are pumping and pumping and it’s just not going to happen. I’ve had countless callers with this problem, and not all of them have been drinking. A sex toy can make it a bit less work for yourself.

Take advantage of the sex toys out there and see how they can increase the pleasure of your masturbation sessions. See if they make it easier for you to cum if you find this is becoming harder as you age. Sometimes even medications we are on can make it harder to achieve orgasm, so a good selection of sex toys in your personal “orgasm arsenal” can help you out a little bit. Don’t let the marching hands of time get you down, see what you can do to cum without exerting yourself too much. A cock sucking toy, a pocket pussy and a Fleshlight are all popular options. Some men like the prostate massaging toys as well. There’s a lot out there to explore.

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