Girls and Their Pillows

Most girls begin to masturbate earlier than boys, and one of the ways they do it is by humping their pillows, or stuffed toys, or mattress, all kinds of things will do in a pinch. Humping things can absolutely make you cum without direct contact of fingers to pussy. Just one of the wonderful things about masturbation, but boys are also humping their beds. You’d be surprised, or perhaps not, at how many guys call and say they have their dick between their mattress and boxed spring or a folded over pillow. This is a little trick both sexes use efficiently, and they learn early.

Masturbation is usually our very first sexual experience, so one must use the tools at hand. Most young people do not have access to sex toys, so you use what is readily and easily available to you to scratch that itch. Some guys get very aroused watching pillow humping porn of girls getting off this way. Some guys like watching ladies masturbate in very different ways. Some are quite enthralled with watching them use various sex toys, others want fingers only, it just depends. Some women may prefer one method over the other as well. It can be easier to cum with one style over the next.

It’s good there’s so many ways for people to enjoy themselves and to switch things up for the sake of variety. The same way does get boring after a few times, and changing things up can beat the boredom. Pillows are available to us all, and are an easy thing to grab if you are in the mood to hump something and do not have a person around. Have you ever humped your pillow? Do you still masturbate this way even now? Would you like to tell us all about it? We are here waiting for you now.

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