Upskirt Pervert

There’s lots of perverts, there’s no doubt about that and many of them call phone sex girls and confess to things they have done that are either illegal or just perverted or both. One man called the other week and said one of the big downsides of the lockdown for him was shopping malls being closed. I asked why when there’s so much more available online anyway. He said shopping malls are the main place he gets pics and videos of upskirting women. He even uploads these things online and not just for his own use, which is bad enough.

He said he goes home after one of his mall outings and watches the footage he’s shot and jerks off while he watches it. Most women seem pretty clueless that they have been captured on his phone and that shots of their sometimes unclothed pussy and ass are available on porn sites for the amusement of the horny masses. True you cannot see their faces he says, but it’s still an invasion of privacy. He said he had a long history of spying on women, starting with his mother and sister. He’d regularly wait for them to be getting out of the shower and spy through the door to get peeks of them drying off then he’d go and beat off thinking about what he’d seen.

He said he caught his sister masturbating once and she didn’t know he was there, she thought she was home alone. He’d come home early and her bedroom door wasn’t quite closed all the way and he watched her stroke her pussy. He said he took his cock out right there and began to rub one out as she worked her clit with her fingers. He said he came in his hand, biting his lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy as he watched her cum. So upskirting was no stretch for him.

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