Love Affair with Cum

A caller this weekend was really into creampie and cuckold. he called multiple times. Apparently cum from another man is his favorite drink. he loves to lap it out of his woman’s pussy all warm and bitter, yum yum. Really graphic cum descriptions of it plopping in his mouth, down his throat, and gulping it down with great delight. He said his cock isn’t small, he’s larger than average if you believe his claims, but all callers into cuckold are not tiny dicked men. Some just love sharing their women and licking up the leavings of another man that’s fucked her.

He loved the idea of tasting her on this other man’s cock, giving him a blow job after he’d fucked her to taste her juices and clean him up of all of his cum. Licking her clit as he watched the other man’s dick go in and out of her up close, having the cum drip on his face and then lick it all up. Some guys are just really, really fond of cum, it doesn’t even have to be their own. Most times they’d prefer it wasn’t even their own. I don’t have balls, I don’t produce cum, nothing squirts out of me, so I guess I cannot relate to cum and ejaculation the way a man can. it’s incredible they are so focused and obsessed with something that’s just a body fluid.

Not all men are obsessed with it thank goodness, but it’s pretty common for a caller to be into licking out cum from a pussy. Their own or another’s. The degradation of it, the taste, the smell, the feel, their faces being smeared with it from side to side. it’s a love afair with cum, and it’s been lifelong and isn’t going anywhere for the creampie enthusiasts.

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