Foot Tease

Some guys are very much sexually aroused by feet and foot jobs. The man I’m seeing now cannot get enough of my perfectly pedicured feet gliding all over his cock and balls. I get as many foot massages as I’d like simply for stroking his cock with my feet and toes. I don’t mind in the slightest. It doesn’t do anything for me of course, but the unlimited foot massages are well worth it to me. He loves to kiss, caress and fondle my feet admiring them. There’s far worse things a guy could be into. They can worship my feet any day and I’m fine with it.

Does the thought of pretty feet teasing your cock and balls get your dick all hard? I’m thinking it must, or you wouldn’t be here reading this in the first place. The sole of my foot is the most sensitive spot. Imagine that caressing the dripping head of your hard cock, you’d be ready to bust a nut after only a few short seconds of that kind of touching I’d wager. I could circle my big toe over the head, smearing the precum all over it like lube, driving you crazy.

He likes me to wear stockings once in a while as well when I tease him with my feet. The different sensation the nylons provide is nice for a foot job change of pace, so to speak. Sexy shoes can of course make the feet look even better, but he’s not always in the mood for me mincing around in high heels. Bare feet honestly seem to arouse him more than me wearing any sexy pair of shoes does. Smooth, lovely feet, all over that dripping cock and squishing those balls with my toes as they fill up with cum. Makes you want to squirt that load all over those tender tootsies, doesn’t it?

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