Conquering The Beast

There have not been many callers over the years that I’ve talked to that are into really huge women, but there have been a few. I saw that pic online and it reminded me of them and how they desire women that are several times more heavy than themselves. Most men are obviously not attracted to these super sized individuals. When you are that large, you obviously are not in good health and most people desire a partner that is in good health.

Ones that do not I feel have security issues and are only choosing someone in bad health so they will not be left or abandoned, which speaks more to their own issues. Not many guys will be trying to get with your five hundred pound girlfriend. So they don’t need to worry about the woman leaving them, since where will they be going? They will likely get no others interested in them. Not many positions would be able to be used, due to the woman’s size, so the sex there would be would be quite limiting. It’s all quite odd, yet some are fantasizing about such encounters. It’s one thing to want a bit of meat on their bones, it’s another when they are so obese they are virtually immobilized and bedridden.

People have different wants that others may never be able to understand, so it’s not for us to judge what turns another person on. Many might not understand our desires for something we like. This one caller that loves fat women so much he hires these big escorts and says he pays to watch them eat then jerks off while they do, though he never says he fucks them, which is odd. I question whether he can even get an erection to perform with a woman of any size. He likes to imagine feeding me and making me grow to five hundred pounds for him to be his fat wife. It takes all kinds, that’s for sure.

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