His Birthday Wish

Like most men, my guy had a threesome fantasy. His birthday was the other day and I gave him the wish he wanted, a threesome. I’d talked to a friend of mine and asked her if she’d be willing and she said yes. I knew my boyfriend liked her and she liked him as well, so it was perfect. It was going to be a birthday surprise and it sure was. I’d cooked us a lovely meal and he thought she was just there to help celebrate. After the meal though, I said the pair of us were his dessert.

It took him a minute to let that sink in, then his eyes widened and we went into the bedroom to slip into some lingerie. He was hard as a rock and naked, waiting for us when we returned a couple of minutes later. We got on the floor on our knees in front of him and took his cock in our hands and started to rub it and lick it and suck it, one of us on either side of it. He was in absolute heaven as we did this to him.

We took turns sucking it and then went back to the bedroom, where he laid on his back and I rode his cock and my friend got up and rode his face. He was pleasing two pussies, and he hadn’t been expecting any other than mine. He had fantasized about two women for many years, and tonight was the night. I rocked back and forth on top of him, and he was slurping away on her shaved cunt until she came on his face. Then he had a special request, he asked if he could watch us go down on one another, that was his ultimate fantasy. We giggled and agreed, and got in the sixty nine position for him to enjoy. We both son came as he stroked his cock watching us. It was a birthday to remember for sure.

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