The Touch of a Woman

Many callers that are married are deprived of a woman’s touch for one reason or another. Either the wife has closed up shop sexually, the most common reason, or the wife has something physically wrong with her due to some health condition and sex is a thing of the distant past. I always encourage these men to seek out escorts so their sex lives will consist of more than just masturbation. I doubt many do it though, they seemed condemned in their own minds to live a sexless existence and be martyrs for some reason. One the other day said how much he missed the touch of a woman, that it had been many years for him.

Imagine not being touched by anyone sexually for over a quarter of a century, and no more sex for you from your mid thirties onward. I hear this nearly every single day. Life is short, take your happiness where you can find it. Men like this, the ones that will not act out of fear or some sense of loyalty are a good group of clients for phone sex girls, they won’t get anyone in real life, but they feel phone sex is better than jerking off to porn alone, and yes, it’s better than alone for sure. There is more than masturbation to a sex life though.

Imagine a warm, soft lady, smiling at you, touching you with her hands, kissing you, touching your cock, the cock that has not been touched by another human in decades. Think of how good that warm, wet pussy would be to slide into with that poor, neglected cock. It would feel wonderful. Your balls swelling with cum, how much you want to cum inside of them. Squeeze their tits, feel how react when you cum, maybe get that cock sucked. Close your eyes and imagine the bliss…

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