ABDL Phone Sex

Not everyone is aware of just what ABDL stands for and means. It means adult baby and diaper lovers. Grown people that have a desire to wear diapers and either masturbate in them or wet and mess themselves in them. It’s a bit of a niche fetish, but it has its followers. It’s hard for most people to understand or relate to what makes a grown person that for no medical reason is choosing to wear them and willingly soil themselves. Most would rather die than live with such degradation, but this group is willingly doing it since it turns them on.

It’s often hard to relate to a fetish many would find repulsive and disgusting, as many find this fetish to be. An acquaintance of mine recently shared how a friend of hers was going through a divorce and the husband was into ABDL and this was a primary factor in their break up, she just could not handle such a perversion and was leaving the relationship. Many men keep this fetish a deep, dark secret due to just this thing, they know it will cause their partners to leave them, so they tell no one. It can be difficult keeping such a large secret.

Not all men into ABDL mess in the diapers, some just wet them, others just masturbate in them, there’s a lot of variation in the behaviors surrounding this fetish. If this is a fetish that you yourself indulge in, some of our operators may be able to help you engage in a stimulating conversation about it. Not all operators are comfortable with such a topic, so it’s always best to tell them what kind of a call you are looking for before they charge your card to see if you are a good match for one another.

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