Keeping an Eye on My Friend’s Son

My friend is a cautious sort, and even though her son’s in his early twenties and in college, he lives at home and she did not trust him not to throw some wild bash when she had to go out of town on business for a couple of nights recently. So she asked if I’d pop in unexpectedly a few times a day during the days she’d be gone. I had no issue with that, I wouldn’t want wild parties being held in my absence either. So I had my own key and would stop in to make sure nothing was going on that shouldn’t be.

He was actually rather quiet and low key I found, no evidence of any parties going on. I stopped in and surprised the poor guy as he was coming out of the shower and he had a towel wrapped around him and he was so startled to see me, he dropped the towel and was soon standing there in his birthday suit. Things got even more embarrassing when I looked down and saw his cock and he suddenly began to sport an erection. He grabbed his towel and ran to his room.

I softly knocked on his door to apologize in startling him, and he said it was ok to come in. I told him in fact he had a very nice cock and he should be proud of it. He took this as some kind of a sign of interest, since soon he was kissing me and I didn’t stop him. I was soon stroking that nice cock and he undid my blouse and began to suck on my nipples and undress me. We were soon fucking on his bed and I loved the way his young dick felt inside of me. I wouldn’t be sharing this with his mother! We spent the next day in bed pleasing one another and I loved every inch of his hot, young body.

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