Mattress Shopping

I decided to get a new mattress, as my old one was sagging. I arrived at the store not far from closing time, but I did not think it would take long to pick out another that was just a newer version of what I had. I was the last one left in the store other than the salesman. I laid down on a few of them before finding just the right one. I was rolling around and getting into all kinds of positions when he came up beside me, startling me a bit.

I asked if he’d get on the bed with me so I could see how the mattress moved with another person on the bed, so he humored me and we laid there and moved a bit together. I was impressed with it and told him I’d take this one. I laid on my back and he leaned over and kissed me. I know it was odd for a strange salesman I did not know to do such a thing, but it felt right. We began to make out right there on the showroom floor bed. He said he’d locked the door and no one else could get in, so we started fucking right there on the display bed. It was bizarre, but felt right, so I went with it.

I felt his cock against my leg and he soon had me stripped down and himself as well, and he slipped it into me and it felt so good. He wasn’t the biggest I’d ever had but he was good at it. I felt him pushing faster and faster and I knew I was going to cum and I clawed at his back as I did and he soon shot his load into me as well. It was quite the unexpected evening. He even offered to give me twenty percent off the bed, lol.

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