My Submissive Boyfriend

I knew when I met my boyfriend he was submissive from the way he acted. He soon let it be known he wanted me in charge and I could tell him to do anything. It was like having my own slave. He’s totally spoiled me now for other men. He loves to clean, so I made an extensive list of all the things that needed to be cleaned and one by one he crossed them off the list. I’d give him an orgasm for each well done job. It could be just a hand job, blow job a fuck, he wasn’t picky. He was great at licking pussy, he agreed to do all my shopping and errands. I couldn’t believe my luck in fining this man.

I’d come home to a freshly scrubbed kitchen and bathroom and he’d lick my pussy while dinner was cooking. He worked from home as a developer, so he was there all the time and had lots of free time between clients, so he spent that time on me and doing things for me. I have never felt so pampered. Many callers love to serve their women and like being told what to do. Most that call are submissive and prefer the woman to call the shots, which works well for a pushy broad like me. I like to tell people what to do and have them follow their marching orders.

I’ve literally sat down with my feet up reading a magazine while he was on all fours scrubbing my floors. I love it, I cannot ever imagine any other kind of relationship now that I’ve had a taste of this full time pampering. Women do not know what they are missing by not having a submissive man in their lives. Most callers are submissive and love to tell me all the chores they do for their women, it makes them happy to please a woman. As it should be.

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