Being Eaten Out at the Restaurant

I’m a waitress, and of course you do see sexy customers that come into the restaurant and sometimes you get together with them. One night last week one of my regulars flirted with me and I knew he wanted to see me socially and I liked him a lot as well. The restaurant was being closed up for the night and he was the last to leave. He told me how fantastic he was at eating pussy, that it was his favorite thing to do. I’d had a long day, a stress filled day and was pretty tired. He said I could just lay back on one of the tables, let him do all the work and just relax.

Normally I’d never do such a thing, but I was horny, tired and loved the idea of someone paying me some attention and just focusing on me. So I agreed. I stripped down and laid back, hoping no one would be peeking through the windows, and opened wide. He went to town on that cunt like a man in the desert after a glass of water. He wasn’t kidding, he knew what he was doing down there. I was soon writhing in ecstasy there on the table. I doubt my boss would be impressed had he known.

My clit was licked, sucked, flicked, teased and I was soon going over the edge from his tongue. I loved the way he slipped his tongue in and out of me and then went back to my stiff clit, sucking on it like a little cock. I adored it and found myself cumming again and again. It was sheer heaven and he expected nothing in return. I could get used to this kind of arrangement! Being serviced with no strings attached was honestly heavenly and I hoped to repeat it. I soon came on his face and he licked me clean. I got dressed, cleaned the table, and we were both soon on our separate ways.

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