A Girl’s Best Friend

This caller was telling me how he had to go out of town and he left his girlfriend to look after his dog while he was out of town and what she didn’t know was he has security cameras all over his house that feed a live stream when he wants to check on things when he’s out of the house. He said he was shocked and delighted to see how things went for his girlfriend and the dog in his absence. He said he was occasionally checking on the house and her when he saw the camera in bedroom.

He saw her laid on the bed after a shower and the dog came up to her, laying naked on the bed, and gave her a lick between the legs and at first she shooed him away, but then she let it happen and the dog brought her to orgasm. She of course had no idea she was being watched on a security camera and he was so turned on by it he was masturbating the entire time. He said when he returned he told her about what he saw and she was so embarrassed she was beside herself and he said not to worry, that it had turned him on as well.

So now she and the dog and he were having regular fun together and he loves watching her get licked and fucked by the dog. He said the first time he helped guide the dogs dick into her he was practically cumming in his pants he was so excited. He felt so dirty and naughty, and yet more aroused than he’d ever been in his entire life. He said he will never tell anyone or anything, that it’s their own forbidden little secret, which of course he’d now also shared with me, but I’m not in his real life, day to day, he doesn’t look me in the eye, so he can confess to me without issue.

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