I Was His Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend and I had seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movies recently and he asked me if I’d be willing to allow him to tie me up that way and see if I liked it. I agreed to, as I’d liked the movies and thought they were sexy, so I had no issues with him doing that to me. I trusted him and thought it might be fun. Sometimes callers say they have the desire to tie their women up, but the women are not always accommodating to their wishes, so some have never had the chance to do so.

He got this rope at the hardware store and we went to the bedroom and he tied me up. I was tied very well, I honestly couldn’t move. His dad had been a sailor and he’d shown him all these sailor knots, so I knew I was not getting out of it even if I struggled. He had not asked me however about tease and denial, which he evidently had in mind when he did this to me, but I did not mind, other than being every frustrated! He got me on the bed, trussed up like a turkey though I was, and he began to touch my pussy, then he turned on a vibe and was teasing me with that. I thought he was going to let me cum, but he did not. I was squirming as much as I could and he knew I was on the brink of orgasm.

He prolonged this for ages, it seemed like hours, until he finally let me cum. Talk about blue balls, I had blue pussy lips, I’m sure! He was grinning at the things he was doing to me, begging him to let me cum. He finally did and then untied me. I then thought the next time we played tie me up, tie me down, he’d be the one tied to the bed and begging me to let him cum! I will be merciless with him when it’s my turn.

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