I Can’t Breathe

I’ve been seeing this man that is into choking me when we have sex, and he likes it as well. He has been doing it to himself when he masturbates for many years he confessed. I’m always worried when callers say they do the auto erotic asphyxiation thing. One the other week said he doesn’t tie anything around his neck, he just holds his breath. I guess if you’re into this habit, that is the safest thing to do. You will of course gasp for breath and be fine rather than slip and fall and hang yourself with a belt or tie you may be using and then are not able to get yourself out of. Thousands of people die every year doing this, it is no joke.

The cut off of oxygen to the brain makes you feel lightheaded and makes for a more intense orgasm, but you must only do this with someone you trust totally, or not at all. Even with ones you trust, things can get out of hand and things can turn badly quickly. You are literally putting your life in someone else’s hands for the chance at a slightly better orgasm. Is it really worth it? Many think it is, or they would not continue to engage in this most dangerous practice.

There’s so many safe ways to enhance pleasure, tying things around your neck or having someone grab you by the throat and apply pressure to your artery is really not the best thing to be doing. Even if you don’t die from lack of air, a stroke could happen due to the lack of oxygen. You’re better off having a few drinks and getting a buzz on that way. It’s your life, consider its worth when you’re tying a belt around your neck or around the neck of a sexual partner.

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