Touching Each Other

I was always a horny kid and teen and began masturbating very early. When I achieved my first orgasm, even though I likely should have kept such news to myself, I told my best friend the next day at school I’d learned to fuck myself, lol. It sounds ridiculous, and if I said how young…well I won’t, but it was enlightening. This was decades before the internet, and an innocent time. So the next time she came over after school, you can be sure I wanted to show her so she too could begin to discover such pleasures.

She took my instructions to heart, and soon we were masturbating one another after school on a regular basis for years. We both got boyfriends in time and stopped playing with one another, but it was fun while it lasted. It was interesting to touch another’s pussy and see how it felt in comparison to my own, and to be able to give pleasure to someone else and learn how they liked to be touched. Her clit would get so stiff when I stroked it, and her pussy so wet. She liked to touch mine as well and we always had to be quiet so my parents or hers, depending on whose house we were at, so they wouldn’t hear us or come in and discover us.

I did not want anyone to know that we played like this, she didn’t either, so it was our naughty little secret. I loved when we could have sleep overs and we would play several times during our time together. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to teach another to bring me to orgasm, since she’d learned pretty quickly how I liked to be touched and did a wonderful job. I’ve taught all my boyfriends just how to do it and I like showing them by having them watch me masturbate as well. Learning by watching is always a hot thing to do as well.

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